All The MAFS 2024 Brides (And My Predictions For Their Fate)

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Brace yourself as we are heading at break-neck speed into Married At First Sight season.

While for some people that just means some regular TV entertainment to watch while you’re having dinner, for me it means about three months of chaotic reporting on every little moment that erupts both in the show and on socials. By the end of MAFS season, I will know these brides and grooms better than I know most of my cousins.

So you can get up to speed on the same people, I’ve popped out every single bride that’s about to say ‘I do’ on national television right here so you can snoop at their Instagrams and also read through my predictions of what is going to happen to them on this season of MAFS.

Let’s go!

MAFS Cassandra, 29

MAFS Andrea Instagram: @cassandraallen_

mafs cassandra instagram

WE MUST PROTECT CASS WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE. She is a certified sweetie who has dealt with so much heartbreak already (her high school sweetheart died in a car crash and her mum passed away two years ago) so we don’t want any more hurt for Cassie while she’s on MAFS, please.

She’s a family-orientated girlie who says she wants to find someone kind with a beautiful smile to raise a “small football team” of kids with. My prediction for her storyline on Married At First Sight is that she’s going to be paired with an insecure but ultimately adorable fella who loves everything about her. They’ll go on a big journey together and will be the solid rocks of this season.

MAFS Andrea, 51

MAFS Andrea Instagram: @andreathompson_andie

mafs andrea instagram

Firstly, a moment for these boots, please. I love them and therefore, I love her.

Andrea said she was inspired to end her last relationship after watching an earlier season of MAFS and learning that she was being gaslit by her partner. I hope for the love of god that this means she’s paired with a sweetheart who listens to her, loves her and respects her.

MAFS Lauren, 32

MAFS Lauren Instagram: @lauren_funn_

MAFS lauren instagram

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the MAFS trailers have been framing Lauren as a hot mess. Which obviously means that she’s going to be my favourite bride. She loves an innuendo, isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks and she forgets her own bouquet on her wedding day. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Because of the character box she’s been plonked into, I think she’s going to be a prime candidate for a cheating scandal. My bet is that an ‘intruder groom’ will arrive a few weeks in that will be right up Lauren’s street and mayhem will ensue.

MAFS Natalie, 32

MAFS Natalie Instagram: @natarai

mafs natalie instagram

Natalie’s whole personality has been boiled down (in the MAFS trailers) to being a clumsy girl. She seems to stack it multiple times on her wedding day but I really hope that doesn’t become her only storyline on the show. She’s looking for a nerdy guy and I think she’ll get one! My bet is that intimacy week will be the biggest hurdle for her and her husband, but will end up being the making of their happily ever after.

MAFS Eden, 28

MAFS Eden Instagram: @edenharper

mafs eden instagram

Eden is going to be the unexpected ‘it girl’ of this season. I can just feel it in my bones. Well, that and she already has 12K followers on Instagram already.

I think Eden is paired with Jayden (AKA Mitch Eynaud’s baby brother) this season, and while I think they will be a hot couple, Jayden is giving serious single energy (and has already snogged another MAFS bride) so I don’t think this is going to be a forever match.

MAFS Sara, 29

MAFS Sara Instagram: @saramessy

mafs sara instagram

Sara is giving high-maintenance vibes (which is totally fine! Do your thing Sara!) but I think it’s going to rub her groom up the wrong way on Married At First Sight.

My prediction is that he’ll be doing a lot of sitting around and moping and then when they spend time together tensions will be running HIGH. They’re my vote for the most dramatic on the commitment ceremony couches.

MAFS Ellie, 32

MAFS Ellie Instagram: @elliedixoxo

mafs ellie instagram

Ellie has a bit of a brutal backstory. A few years ago, she had to call off her wedding a month before the festivities because she found out her ex-fiancé cheated on her. GOODNESS. So I’m manifesting a good egg for her so that she doesn’t have to deal with any more trash man behaviour.

But I predict, because of this, Ellie is going to be very vocal if there’s a cheating scandal this season. (And we know it’s not an ‘if’ because there’s always a cheating scandal on MAFS.)

MAFS Tori, 27

MAFS Tori Instagram: @torileighadams

mafs tori instagram

Tori gives off badass energy. She seems to have very little tolerance for timewasters and dropkicks, which is likely why she’s tapped out of the dating game and signed up for some professional matchmaking on MAFS. She’s said she’s looking for a guy who is masculine fit, career-focused, tidy, emotionally intelligent and good at communication, which doesn’t sound like too big of an ask, but based on grooms of yesteryear I don’t think that she’ll be served that at the end of the aisle.

My prediction is that she’ll tap out of the experiment in week 4 when she realises she’s better than her husband.

MAFS Lucinda, 43

MAFS Lucinda Instagram: @lucindaslight

mafs lucinda instagram

Lucinda has been dominating the MAFS trailers, and that’s because she appears to be completely crackers. She presents John Aiken with a literal parchment scroll of requests she has for her significant other and her vows include the line, “I’ll be your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert”.

My theory for Lucinda is that she goes all in for the experiment but her husband is a bit of a flop. I don’t think he’ll do anything dodgy, but will just be in a constant state of overwhelm, which is not going to tick Lucinda’s many boxes. They will amicably leave the show and pave the path for Lucinda to take the role she was made for: Australia’s first Golden Bachelorette.

MAFS 2024 premieres on January 29 on Nine.

Image credit: Nine + Punkee