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MAFS 2024: Who Is Sara’s Ex-Boyfriend?

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I’m also certain that while you were watching the first episode of MAFS you were thinking many things including:

Why do people sign up for this show?

Surely no real romance can come from this?

What would I wear to my nationally broadcast wedding to a complete stranger?

I can’t believe I’m about to devote months of my life to this show again…

But one of the questions that definitely cropped up in my pea brain was this: Who the heck is Sara’s ex-boyfriend?!

I feel like this entire first episode was dedicated to him – even though bride Sara was currently on screen marrying someone else. You see, Sara admits early on that she was caught up (emotionally, physically and psychologically) on her ex-boyfriend for years. They were on again and off again, he cheated, she took him back, they slipped into a friends with benefits situationship. Basically, they ticked off every intimate scenario (good and bad) over many years and Sara was caught up in that chaos for a super long time.


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So much so, that when her new husband, Tim, reveals that he split up with his nearly-fiancé just six months before their MAFS wedding day, Sara is rather cheesed off.

She simply cannot believe that someone could get over an ex that quickly because “I certainly didn’t”.

Obviously with all of this mention of a marvellous ex that took up so much of her brain space for so long, I had to go hunting for the dude. First off in my snooping I went through every single one of Sara’s Instagram photos – yep, all the way back to her first post from 2014. (Which was a topless flashing-your-boobs-at-a-mountain photo, in case you were interested.) There is no feature of a potential-ex, or any man for that matter, so onwards to the tagged photos. There is a smattering of men-folk in her tagged photos, but on further investigation, it appears that they are all her colleagues from the gym she works with.

So has the elusive ex-boyfriend been scrubbed from the internet? It seems so. But I live in hope that once the rest of Australia is looking for him, someone, somewhere will pass on the deets so we can all figure out what had Sara so hooked for so long.

New episodes of MAFS are streaming on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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