MAFS 2024: Do Sara And Tim Stay Together?

MAFS 2024: Do Sara And Tim Stay Together?

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The grand finale couple of this year’s Married At First Sight was Sara and Tim, and for good reason. They provided bucketloads of spice this season but were likeable enough for you to root for them to stay together, which is more than you can say for other couples on the show…

In their final vows, Sara admitted that meeting up with her ex was the biggest mistake she’s ever made and thanked Tim for giving her a chance to make it up to him. Tim echoed the sentiment, making it clear that he was not okay with the choices Sara made during the experiment, but that the last couple of weeks have been bliss and for that reason, he was ready to say yes to a lifetime with Sara. 

MAFS 2024: Do Sara And Tim Stay Together?

You can watch the ups and downs of Tim’s final vows here:

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But have the couple lasted beyond final vows? Here’s all the evidence I’ve been able to gather. 

Sara and Tim blow up at the MAFS reunion.

If the trailer for the Married At First Sight reunion episode is anything to go by, we’re in for a corker of a dinner party. In the trailer we see Sara blowing up at Tim, asking him “Why would you say that?!” before pointing in his face and shouting, “You do this all the time!”

It’s fair to say that Sara doesn’t look… happy.


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So perhaps the reunion marks the beginning of the end of Sara and Tim.

Sara seen alone in Sydney.

As the show has been rolling out on Australian screens, Sara has been papped a bunch of times around her hometown. All of these instances have been either alone or with fellow bride Lauren from MAFS

Sara also attended the Nova Married At First Sight Dinner Party in Sydney with Lauren, rather than her on-screen husband Tim. She was making jokes about her exes coming along to the event and was giving off very ‘single girl’ energy. 

Tim was spotted with a new girlfriend in the Gold Coast.

For those unfamiliar with the MAFS filming timeline, the show wrapped months ago, but the brides and grooms have to remain living on the downlow to prevent spoiling the ending of the show when it comes out on telly. But, as always, a few spoilers slip through, and one massive one came in the form of a few photos of Tim kissing another girl.

The images were taken on February 1st up on the Gold Coast and very clearly show the pair necking on.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that Tim was “briefly seeing” the woman, who is an architect named Barbara, before heading off to film MAFS and they “got back together a week after he split from Sara”.

So that obviously means that Sara and Tim have split up after final vows – but the question now is, does Sara know about Tim’s new woman?

Sara had been doing the radio rounds since MAFS started airing, and on one appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show she was told by Kyle that “multiple people ” up in Queensland had confirmed that Tim was in a new relationship with a Brazilian woman.

When Sara was asked if she knew about Tim’s mystery girl, she said: “It might’ve been an ex. I actually can’t remember if the ex was Italian or Brazilian.”

All I can say is that when this clan get their social media accounts back, it’s going to be JUICY to see what they announce for themselves.

Image credit: Nine + Punkee