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A Running Tally Of This Year’s MAFS Contestants Rumoured To Have Swapped Partners

As we tip over to the pointy end of Married at First Sight, it’s important to remember: this show is a lie.

The chance of the series’ coupling actually creating any meaningful or lasting relationships is as low as, well… Tracey’s dating standards. #SorryNotSorry.

We’ve learnt from past seasons that the likelihood of any of these couples surviving beyond the experiment is grim (pray for Telv and Sarah!) but for some reason, this particular series has found unexpected success in creating relationships – by the couples performing their very own switcharoo.

Rumours of switch-ups have been swirling for weeks, and the following pair-ups are the couples which could possibly emerge from the series ending.

Here are the new couples rumoured so far:

Carly & Troy

This match has been rumoured almost since the series started, after pics of Carly and Troy getting very handsy in a Melbourne park surfaced. It’s hard to deny these saucy pics and we’ve all noticed the two of them constantly gravitating towards one another at the dinner parties.

Tracey & Sean

This match seems frankly weird AF. Mostly because we barely got to know Sean, who was originally matched with Blair. All I can recall about the dude is he broke up with Blair in a car, and cried about having too much sex.

Well apparently him and Dean’s wife Tracey are dating, they’ve been previously spotted together and more recently pictures have emerged of them on holiday together in Bali. Poor Dean. Sad!

MAFS Tracey Sean


Ashley & Ryan

Now this is a match we can all get onboard with! We all know and love Ryan, as the captive husband of Davina and all-round legend, who left the experiment after Davina finally set him free. Well him and Troy’s wife Ashley have been spotted together, ummm grocery shopping, and leaving in Ash’s car.

It must be true love.

Gabrielle & Sean

This rumour is a tad more untrustworthy. We are talking about Jo’s ex Sean, you know the grumpy guy that hated his wife/life in general, and one of our fave wifeys Gabby. This is based purely from Gab saying that she is still friends with him.

“Sean from Adelaide – he’s one person that I’ve become very firm friends with. He’s a great bloke,” she told TV WEEK.

“This is a very intense emotional journey that you go on together. Nobody else can really understand until you’ve been there and done it. So it really does fast-track friendships to being quite close.”

This is hardly proof that they are more than friends, but we have no shame and we’ll lap up any goss we can get at this point.

MAFS Gabrielle Sean

Header via Channel 10.

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