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This Is What Duncan Thinks Evelyn Spends Too Much Money On

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If your partner was asked what you spent too much money on, what would they say?

Mine would 100% say snacks. I love a little treat. A sneaky pastry. A cute iced drink. And I spend much more than I probably should on them. But when I asked the same question of Duncan and Evelyn from Married At First Sight, they had a slightly different response.

“Clothes,” Duncan immediately revealed of Evelyn’s spending habits. “Even though she gets sent a lot of them for free, she buys a lot of clothes.” Evelyn quickly defended herself, saying that she “needs them for work” as she is a full-time influencer before explaining that she has improved with her spending since being with Duncan.

“You’ve made me think more about the future,” explains Evelyn. “Now I’ll look at things and be like, ‘Do I need this?’ or ‘Do I save to buy a house?’”

On the flip side, Duncan has credited Evelyn for making him less stuck up about money – encouraging him to treat himself when he can. “It’s all a balancing act,” says Evelyn, who feels much more confident in talking about money with Duncan now after getting involved with Westpac and using their finance tools.

You can see Duncan and Evelyn chatting more about how they deal with money issues in their relationship in the video below:

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