Duncan and Evelyn from MAFS

Duncan And Evelyn From ‘MAFS’ Have Hard-Launched Their Relationship

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It may be one of reality TV’s worst-kept secrets, but that doesn’t mean that the hard-launch of Married at First Sight stars Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis’ relationship was any less glorious.

Ever since the genetically blessed Evelyn was beamed through our screens as an intruder on this year’s season of MAFS, fans have been shipping her and equally-attractive groom Duncan as the perfect match. Which is honestly quite shallow, but let’s all get off our high horses shall we, because we’re out here discussing celebrity gossip.

Without any further ado, in top-notch reality TV news, Duncan and Evelyn have officially confirmed that they are dating.

The pair shared the news in a cute ‘honesty-box’ MAFS-themed video that was posted by Channel 9, which was almost definitely probably because they already signed their lives away in contracts to the network.

“This is Evelyn and Duncan’s hard-launch. It feels good to finally just say it, and it feels kind of exhilarating in a weird, freeing way,” Evelyn said.

The clip went on to show a number adorbs couple pics that Evelyn and Duncan have been snapping together since they started dating, including some that kicked off theories that the couple was dating prior to their announcement.

Duncan explained that he and Evelyn started hanging out after the show wrapped, and said that his feelings started to develop before “one thing lead to another”.

Just as we suspected in our weird MAFS fantasies, the connection between the aggressively attractive humans is palatable in their relationship debut vid. Evelyn is practically giddy, unlike her sarcastic persona on the show, and it appears as though Duncan’s hand is permanently glued to his new boo’s inner thigh.

Sadly, Duncan and Evelyn steered clear of mentioning anything about his former MAFS wife Alyssa, who we’re pretty sure wouldn’t be stoked about the news. But they did say that they ran it past Evelyn’s TV hubby Rupert.

“We have been welcomed [by the other castmates] as a couple in the most positive way,” Evelyn said.

“Obviously [we] gave Rupert a call as well, and got the blessing from Rupert! He was very supportive as well,” Duncan added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Duncan was asked his favourite feature about his new girlfriend, and like the true gentlemen he is, the cyber-security hottie failed to mention her blindingly good looks, and instead said he loves (LOVES!) that she’s a “massive dork at heart”.

Which is absolutely nauseatingly cute, but in the best way possible. Can someone check on Alyssa?