Lyndall Grace MAFS Married at First Sight Cam Woods

Lyndall From ‘MAFS’ Just Shared That She’s Bisexual With A Soft Spot For Miley Cyrus

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We all cheered when Married at First Sight bride Lyndall Grace delivered a powerful break up speech during final vows, after spending the entire experiment trying to make her relationship with Cam Woods work. 

Her refusal to hear what Cam had to say was the cherry on top, with the disgruntled remote FIFO worker throwing his speech on the ground and storming off like a child. 

Cam Woods storming off after final vows on MAFS leaving Lyndall Grace Married at First Sight

Since filming the series, Lyndall’s been busy answering fans’ burning questions on Instagram, spilling the tea on why she stayed with Cam Woods after homestays and sharing more on her sexuality. In a Q&A on Instagram, when the singer was asked if she was celebrating Pride month this year, she revealed she was bisexual. 

“As a raging bisexual myself, absolutely yes. This is me coming out btw,” she wrote, before saying she thought everybody knew.

“I truly thought it was pretty obvious,” she told fans. “If the nose ring, roller hockey, overalls, footy, Miley Cyrus posters, gridiron and lack of care for what men think of me wasn’t enough … I also used to have an undercut,” she joked. 

She also showed off her Miley Cyrus poster collection that sits above her bed. “Team, I literally sleep under Miley Cyrus’ butt,” she laughed. 

Lyndall Grace bisexual MAFS Married At First Sight Cam Woods

Lyndall Grace finally shares why she stayed with Cam Woods after homestays:

Cam’s red flags may have been obvious to us, but during the Instagram Q&A, Lyndall said that their relationship was actually “amazing” during the first half of the experiment. 

“Look, when we were on retreat it was amazing, [but] when we got back from retreat, it wasn’t amazing. But then, it was always, ‘Just wait until we get to Darwin … it’ll be great. It’ll be just like it was on retreat’,” she explained. 

However, once the pair had their big fight in Darwin, Lyndall said she knew that it wasn’t anything to do with where they were living, and the relationship wouldn’t thrive in the outside world. But why didn’t she choose to leave at that point?

Lyndall Grace Cam Woods MAFS Married at First Sight homestays

“There are no commitment ceremonies [between homestays and final vows],” she explained. “And after being so humiliated and emotionally distressed in Darwin, all I wanted to do was get through that final dinner party, and then I got humiliated in front of everyone.”

After Cam said he wasn’t falling in love with Lyndall, and he dropped the bombshell that he could be “out bush” and out of phone reception for up to a year at a time, Lyndall made a choice to use final vows as a chance to hold Cam accountable. 

In a separate comment on TikTok, she told fans that it took her a “long time” to recover from what Cam put her through, but she’s “SO much happier now”. We’re loving that Lyndall is officially in her single era, and she’s thriving.

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS, Instagram/@10dall