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WATCH: Ryan Shares His Thoughts On Davina’s MAFS Cheating

The drama going down on Married at First Sight at the moment has reached ridonkulous levels. This week has seen Dean and Davina cheat on their respective partners and begin dating each other on the DL.

Now Davina’s hubby Ryan has spoken out about his wife’s behaviour. He appeared briefly on the Today Show to share his side of the story, following last night’s ep where the poor bloke got a tattoo of Davina, all while she was texting Dean on the fly.

He explained this morning,

“It’s definitely a new feeling watching it on telly. Now I get to see it, it’s a bit different,”

“It’s hard to watch that because I feel like an idiot. I didn’t know what was going on. To get a tattoo with someone who’s doing that, I sort of feel like a bit of a dipstick.”

The dude seems pretty deflated right now. When Karl tried to comfort him with the ol’ ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ line, Ryan replied:

“That’s one way to look at it but there wasn’t fish in the sea before I went on the show.”

“So yeah, there was a bit of a drought. I think there was only a bit of water, let alone a sea,”

On the ep last night, the poor guy (alongside Tracey) had no clue Davina had been on a secret date with Dean. Chin up y’all, those guys are actual trash and probz deserve one another. Check out the full video below via the DM.

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