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Tonight’s Messy ‘MAFS’ Retold Through Hilarious Tweets

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Confession week went into overdrive on tonight’s Married at First Sight, with drama breaking out between some of the couples over the bonkers tasks they were made to complete.

According to the experts, the best way to bond two people is by making them tell each other all their secrets and rank how hot their friends are. Totally normal and healthy! Tonight Melissa admitted to Bryce that she had cheated with a married man — the same man she dated when she was 19 — and he did not take it well. This was despite Melissa reacting in an understanding way when Bryce told her he had cheated on his fiancé.

In a rather revealing moment, Melissa told producers that she didn’t want to say anything to Bryce because he might get upset, then leave her. She said enduring bad behaviour from her partner and staying silent is what she’s always known and it was nothing short of heartbreaking.

Another contestants already exhibiting some red flag is James, who got extremely jealous when Joanne ranked Jake above himself in the task. He even went as far as to accuse Joanne of sneaking off to go see Jake, in a truly alarming moment.

Then there’s Coco and Cameron, two contestants clearly not having a good time in the experiment, who caught up in tonight’s episode and sparks flew. This scene was obviously hinting at the beginning of some sort of affair, which will surely devastate Samantha, as she has previously spoke about being cheated on in her last marriage. Yikes.

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in funny tweets:

Confession week continues, and Coco has moved out of her apartment with Sam after their argument over him repetitively criticising her. Meanwhile, Melissa tries to move on from Bryce ranking her fourth in attractiveness, compared to her fellow MAFS brides.

In another confession challenge, Melissa admits to Bryce that she cheated with a married man. He reacts angrily and shuts down.

To mend their relationship, the experts get Coco and Sam to watch their audition tapes. Coco gets emotional as she hears herself say she’s never received compliments from a partner.

Jake dared to turn on a light in the apartment while Rebecca slept. The audacity.

Samantha and Cameron go on a golf date, but Cameron admits he’s not feeling a connection. James and Joanne clash, after she ranks Jake above James in the ranking task.

On a happier note, after growing closer from a task listing each other’s best and worst features, Booka and Brett had sex for the first time. We love to see it.

In an effort to better understand Sam as a person, Coco invites Cameron over. He shares that he thinks Sam is “a pig” and they end up getting along great. Both Coco and Cameron agree they would have been a better match than who they were married to on MAFS, which is obviously foreshadowing what’s to come in the experiment.