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UK Viewers Have Discovered Bryce From ‘MAFS’ & Ooft, They Have Opinions

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Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson may have become one of Married at First Sight’s biggest success stories, with the couple recently welcoming twins, but that doesn’t mean Bryce has escaped his many critics.

While the Australian season wrapped up earlier this year, there’s been renewed interest in Bryce as the 2021 season is currently airing in the UK. The series has proven to be a sensation among British viewers, after the God-tier Season 6  (making names of Martha Kalifatidis and Ines Basic) aired over there while the country was stuck in lockdown last year.

As the current season is now airing, UK fans have been introduced to Bryce and have seen the many many offensive things he did throughout the show, which enraged Aussie viewers at the time: from making remarks about Melissa’s looks, to saying sexist comments about women, and not to mention his constant gaslighting during the season.

UK viewers have many opinions about ol’ mate Bryce:

Like many Australian viewers, UK fans have expressed concern over the relationship dynamic between Bryce and Melissa. During the season, Bryce had a tendency to twist any argument he had with Melissa into him being the victim.

And as Bryce annoyed and offended the other contestants, he and Melissa were increasingly isolated from the rest of the group. It even got to a stage where the women had invited Melissa to a girls’ night, but she declined to stay with Bryce instead — a worrying red flag for anyone who has known someone in a toxic relationship who became alienated from their friends.

We feel you, UK. We feel you.

The UK reaction comes as Bryce and Melissa have just confirmed that Melissa has given birth to twins. The babies came 10 weeks early, and have both spent time in the NICU but appear to be making speedy recoveries.

The couple named the newborns Levi and Tate. Get it? Levitate. When asked about the name choices, Bryce told New Idea “We wanted unique names that had a modern feel to them. We also wanted names that promote positivity for them and our new family.” Unique is certainly one word for it!

The next season of MAFS is already filming, so we can expect a whole new cast of heroes and villains to be introduced in the first half of 2022. Hopefully, by then, Bryce will become a distant memory.