A List Of The Insane Shit Bryce Said During Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party

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Bryce Ruthven has certainly made his stain on Married at First Sight history, nearly managing to make Mick Goonan and Sam Ball look like semi-decent humans.

From his gaslighting comments to his wife Melissa, to him attempting to use feminism by “standing up” for Coco in a previous episode as a way to interject himself into a storyline, Bryce is central to all the drama on this season of MAFS.

And, well, there was also this insane speech he gave at last week’s commitment ceremony when asked about his drama with Sam Carraro. 


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Tonight’s dinner party was no exception, with Bryce once again falling victim to his own temper after a rumour started circulating about him having a girlfriend on the outside.

Bec Zemek told other castmates that Bryce had told her during a gym session that he had another girl outside of the experiment back in Canberra, a claim he denied when it was brought up. Bec also elaborated that the discussion came about after a mate of Bryce’s visited him in Sydney and asked Bryce if he wanted him to get this other alleged woman a gift, and Bryce deemed it too risky.

Now as we’ve already seen, Bryce isn’t one to take the high road. So clear your water bottles, because we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of all the things he said on tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight.

bryce married at first sight

When Jason approached Bryce about the rumour, Bryce straight away said he bet one of the girls started it because “girls like to create drama and whatnot”.

Let’s remember Bryce is the one who started a fight with a man because the other man said he “seemed nervous.”

Bryce in everyday life.

“I’m being really avid on being genuine in this whole experiment,” Bryce told us.

He then proceeded to make a joke to Jason about how he hopes his girlfriend on the outside has blonde hair and blue eyes, a “joke” about the fact he repetitively told his wife Melissa she wasn’t “his type” knowing full well it upset her.

After being mad that people were “questioning his integrity”, Bryce had this to say: “They obviously all saw how I reacted to Sam, so if they’re brave enough, bring it on.”

For a refresher, Bryce threw a glass of water on Sam. Ooooh, scary! Everyone must be shaking in their boots.

bryce water sam mafs

After Bryce found out it was Bec who started the ‘rumours’ about him, Bryce said Bec has a “real fascination with him”.

Before he found out it was Bec, he previously thought it was Jo for reasons not explained to us, but who knows, maybe any woman is a good target for Bryce. Maybe we’re all just obsessed with him.

While ranting about Bec, Bryce had this to say: “I don’t know if she’s jealous that Liss is with me or not, hey I’m a good looking bloke but still Liss is the lucky one in this situation.”

I’m SORRY???????

oprah can't deal

Bryce then continued his tirade on Bec. “Is she trying to get me into bed or something? It’s not gonna happen love, I’m sorry. If Bec wants to come at me I don’t give a shit because if you question my integrity, you’re going to pay for it.”

Other than the rampant misogyny in this statement, Bryce talking about a woman going to “pay for it” is straight-out abusive and scary dialogue.

When confronting Bec, Bryce pipes down on the fact she must so obviously want him.  Instead, he goes for the approach of trying to peacock his own relationship — a tactic we’ve seen from him before.

“Have you guys not got anything else interesting to talk about apart from Liss and I, or is that the situation are you just bored with your own relationship?”

Later on at the dinner party, Bryce calls Bec the “nucleus of the problem” and then labels her behaviour as a “jealousy thing”.

Let me speak for all of Australia right now, Bryce: None of us are jealous of you.

After denying Bec’s claims about a girl on the outside, at the dinner party when things kicked off again Bryce had this to say. “Mate, sorry that I met a girl on Tinder two months before coming on here and slept with her a couple of times.”

bachelor in paradise recap 2

Bryce, not sure if you once again peacocking about sleeping with a woman is actually doing anything to defend you against these rumours, but keep digging!

He then followed it up with this pearler. “I’m probably the most honest person on the experiment so far.”

bryce married at first sight dinner party

If there’s one thing we have learned from this social experiment it’s that men love to blame their shitty, asshole behaviour on being ‘honest’.

After calling Bec a “fucking puppeteer” and being called out by Jake for swearing at women, Bryce starts to simmer down.

Because we all know men like this will listen to other men and not women. To our knowledge, not once has Bryce checked on his wife during this whole display to see if she’s doing OK.

bryce married at first sight

“There seems to be some sort of target on my head,” Bryce ends up saying for the second time that night.

Sure, Jan. That’s exactly what’s going on here.

Phew, that was a lot. I need to go pour some water over my head and cool down, before Bryce does it for me.