British People Are Watching Australia’s Most Chaotic ‘MAFS’ Season To Get Through Lockdown

There is no denying that Season 6 of Married at First Sight was some of the most chaotic TV to ever air on Australian screens. And our friends across the other side of the world in the UK are about to experience it for the first time. They don’t even know what’s about to hit them.

England went back into lockdown last week, with the public ordered to “stay at home” unless going out for essential purposes, following the country’s death toll from coronavirus surpassing 80,000.

For the millions of people now confined to their homes, our best season of Married at First Sight is airing on UK network Channel 4 — and viewers are already obsessed.

It’s difficult to summarise Season 6 of MAFS. SO MUCH happened. Firstly, there was Sam leaving his wife Lizzie on their honeymoon, before cheating on her with Ines in that seedy hotel room.

Then there was a clash between Cyrell and Martha, which turned physical in that now-infamous face mask scene in Martha and Michael’s apartment. Almost every relationship was a mess: Ning joked about ‘blocking’ her husband at their wedding, Mike told Heidi that he would “try” to fall in love with her, and Bronson called his wife a “cu*t” at a commitment ceremony.

This all happened before Jessika made moves on Cyrell’s man Nic, before she and Dan both secretly cheated on their respective partners, Mick and Tamara. Moving on, Susie proved to be one of the most hard-to-please wives in the history of the show, when her husband Billy forgot the Splenda. Then, of course, there was that reunion which culminated in Martha pouring red wine over Cyrell.

Luckily, in contrast to all the mayhem transpiring, there was also a love story blossoming between Jules and Cam, and the couple became the moral compass of the season. It was simply the best reality TV ever gets and the show has struggled to recapture that magic ever since.

I’m deadly serious when I say that the whole season was high art.

Season 6 has only just begun in the UK, so viewers have only been introduced to some of the brides and grooms, but people are already truly engrossed — and a little baffled by us. We don’t blame them.

(It’s actually Season 6 Matt, but we forgive you.)

Seriously, drink it up fam. I wish I could relive this season for the first time, as it’s bloody sensational TV.

While the season is still in the early stages, here are some reactions to the episodes so far:

What a beautiful disaster.