Ghosts Of ‘MAFS’ Past: Why Did Billy Lie About The Splenda?

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Welcome back to another edition of ghosts of MAFS‘ past, where we look at some of the more memorable faces we’ve seen grace our screens as part of TV’s weirdest social experiment: Married at First Sight.

The other week we celebrated Debbie, the eccentric former model who was excited to find her one true Polynesian love, before being given John at the altar.

john debbie married at first sight australia

Today I want to talk about someone who popped up on last year’s season. Given the drama with last year and the strong female characters on the show– from Ines to Martha to Cyclone Cyrell – we can’t help but feel our mate Billy slipped under the radar.

Billy entered the experiment midway through the season and was matching with Susie. Straight away, it was pretty obvious the couple weren’t exactly a match made in heaven and things only got worse from there.

billy susie married at first sight

One of the most notable moments with the couple however (apart from the fact they both clearly couldn’t stand each other) was when Susie accused Billy of lying about having Splenda.

The pair were on the grooms’ hometown visits when the argument went down. One minute everything was fine (well, as fine as it could ever be in Billy and Susie’s world) and next minute it turned out Billy lied to Susie about having Splenda and boy, she was not happy.

As he was making coffee, Susie asked the simple question and Billy insisted he had the sweetener before trying to offer her honey to put in her morning cuppa.

susie bill married at first sight splenda

As Susie later explained her side of things, it turns out Billy may have made a habit of letting some little white lies escape and the Splenda was just another example of this.

susie married at first sight splenda

In that episode Billy had ALSO lied about how often he surfs/how good he is at it, so the lack of sweetener for Susie’s coffee must’ve really just been the last straw.

She absolutely lost her shit while they were at the beach which caused a highly-stressed Billy to storm off and start crying.

married at first sight billy

There’s no denying this experiment is an absolute pressure cooker, and if you like your coffee a certain way, you just can’t be lied to about that kind of shit.

Previously to this, we have to also point out during his hometown visit Billy decided that one of the sights Susie needed to see was, well, his dick.

married at first sight billy susie

Billy showed Susie his nude modelling calendar shoot and told her it’s important to appreciate a flaccid penis. I bet a lot of men have said that before.

Obviously these two didn’t last very long after this. I’d talk to you about their breakup but honestly? I don’t even remember it anymore. Call me Billy, because I forget everything!

I did a little lurk of Billy to see what he’s up to now… not because I’m a real journalist, mainly because I’m just good at stalking people on Instagram.

And OH MY GOD, is he the next Bachy?!

Lol, no, gotcha, he was just sharing some Valentine’s Day love.

Until next time Billy – but don’t forget the Splenda.