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Bryce Just Tried To Give A Lecture On Respecting Women & ‘MAFS’ Viewers Aren’t Buying It

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Ugh. I feel unclean. On tonight’s Married at First Sight dinner party it wasn’t the women doing the glass-throwing for once, with Bryce Ruthven taking on Sam Carraro and hurling a glass of water across the table at him.

It was embarrassing. Leave the wine-spilling to the professionals aka women.

Their feud had been heavily promoted, with Bryce talking nonstop about Sam all episode. The drama comes after Bryce had a few unkind words to say about Sam during Sunday’s commitment ceremony, telling him “you sound like a dickhead” when Sam described his marital issues with Coco Stedman.

Then tonight, it truly kicked off. Sam was warned that Bryce was going to start drama, and within minutes of both men entering the dinner party, they got into an argument which continued all night. It was…exhausting.

But that’s not what viewers were concerned by. MAFS fans were baffled that Bryce thought he was in any position to criticise the behaviour of another person in this experiment. At the dinner, when asked why he felt the need to attack Sam, Bryce replied, “The comment he made about Coco? Have some respect for you wife, man. My parents brought me up with morals, and standards, and to respect women — clearly his didn’t.”

Earlier in the episode, he told Melissa Rawson: “The way that he treated Coco was very disrespectful, and I’ll put it to him and the group and say, ‘Hey, hold yourself accountable.’ At the end of the day, it’s standing up for not just all the girls here but in general. I’ll fly the flag for us. It’s about standing up for what’s right.”

I’m sorry, but I just threw up in my mouth.

Let us list the ways that Bryce has disrespected women this season. This is a man who has:

  • Told Melissa that he would never approach her in a bar
  • Told Melissa that she was not his type, but assured her she’s “not ugly”
  • Told Melissa that he’s only attracted to women with blue eyes and was put off because she has green eyes — a fact he has pointed out on multiple occasions
  • Made Melissa feel shameful for hooking up with a married man, despite the fact Bryce cheated on his fiancé
  • Made Melissa feel shameful for making an innocent joke
  • Then tonight made a joke in front of Melissa about going back to his ex

Does this sound like a guy who should be lecturing other men about how to treat women?

I am not buying it.

We’ve watched this show for a loooong time. We’ve seen enough dinner party takedowns to know exactly what Bryce was trying to do here. This whole scene screams of Bryce attempting to position himself as some sort of saviour – he probably expected to get a glowing edit and be hailed a hero. But he may not have anticipated that people could see straight through this whole spectacle.

If Bryce’s intention were pure, why didn’t he ask Coco how she was feeling about Sam? He felt entitled to speak for her, but he never actually spoke to her. The same goes for his TV wife Melissa, who he walked over all night and then never once checked if she was OK.

It’s safe to say that viewers are truly over Bryce’s BS.

Married at First Sight viewers have taken to Twitter to rage about the hypocrisy of Bryce giving a lecture about respecting women:

This tweet says it all…