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Everything We Know About Cameron From ‘Married At First Sight’

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Cameron Dunne is sure to be a Married at First Sight groom to divide opinion this season.

From clashing with his TV wife, Samantha Harvey, on their honeymoon and then during the following dinner party, to organising a secret rendezvous with Coco Stedman, the crane operator from Victoria is going to be a contestant people can’t stop talking about. He already got a lot of viewers offside for his comment about only dating women who frequent the gym, as well as telling his wife the day after they slept together that she wasn’t his type and he didn’t feel an emotional connection.

Stay classy, Cam.

So what do we know about Cameron Dunne and what can we expect from him this season?

In the latest episode, after it seemed like he and Sam were getting back on track, Cameron met up with Coco and sparks flew between the pair. “I mean, I would have been happy to be matched with you,” Cameron told Coco in the episode.


Can we expect a fully-fledged affair to come? The Wash reports that they photographed Coco and Cameron together returning to the contestants’ apartment five days after the first MAFS dinner party, so clearly they do spend time together throughout filming. The So Dramatic! podcast claims that Cameron and Coco both elect to stay in the experiment this coming commitment ceremony. “Cameron was gonna leave, but he chooses to stay in order to pursue things with Coco,” host Megan Pustetto said.

Apparently, the affair is kept on the DL for the whole season “and no one actually finds out about it until the final reunion”. But at the dinner party reunion, shit will hit the fan as “it turns into a huge blowup”. Intriguing!

Even more spicy, in an interview with Hit Breakfast QLD’s Cliffo & Gabi this week, Cameron said that he reckons that producers intentionally mismatched him with Samantha, when in fact his real match was Coco all along. “On paper she [Coco] is the perfect match for me, so we’ll just have to see how it plays out,” he told the hosts.

In the same interview, Cameron did not mince his words when it came to his views on Coco’s TV husband Sam Carraro, who he knew from back home. “Look, I think people’s behaviour comes through in the end and when it comes out more than once on a continuous basis, I’m going to call it out,” he said.

“I think you’ll see that throughout this experiment… his true colours begin to shine.”

Oop! Cameron already knowing one of the MAFS contestants is no huge surprise, as the crane operator has also been linked to two other reality stars. There are rumours that he previously dated SAS Australia’s Arabella Del Busso, and in a rather bizarre turn of events, Cameron is currently living with past MAFS contestant Jessika Power.


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“Jess is actually my housemate — we currently live together on the Gold Coast,” he told New Idea. He said he met Jess through her brother Rhyce. “When I needed a place to stay, it just came up that she was able to take me in. I’m quite close to her brother, Rhyce, so it kind of just happened from there,” he said.

“It’s been really nice living with her because she and Rhyce have been through the whole process of MAFS before — they’ve got first-hand experience that not too many people do.”

In Cameron’s bio, he admits that he joined the reality show after being single for two years, after a stint working in the mines in Western Australia, but is now ready to embrace more of a work/life balance. In Cameron’s audition tape, he explained that he’s avoided relationships in the past. “Work was a very big priority for me growing up, I came from a family [where] my parents are divorced,” he said. “I always looked at work as that priority because I didn’t want to get into a relationship and then have it fail.”

Cameron reckons that he’s struggled with feeling misunderstood, as people often assume he’s a bit of a meathead due to how he looks. Cameron’s muscley appearance comes on the back of his previous career in bodybuilding.


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Cameron says he is ready to marry and settle down with the right girl. But he admitted in his bio that when dating he often self-sabotages because he has trust issues after being cheated on in the past. Lol. Isn’t cheating the worst??