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Everything We Know About The Tayla, Cam And Lyndall Drama On ‘MAFS’

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Cameron Woods and Lyndall Grace seemed like a perfect match when they first met on Married at First Sight.

However, after a romantic wedding and honeymoon, the two have since dropped off our screens and seem tense whenever they’re shown, particularly when they arrived at the latest dinner party.

And it was at Wednesday’s dinner party that some foreshadowing of what could potentially be to come occurred, with Cameron taking a shining to intruder bride, Tayla Winter.

Tayla, who is currently partnered up with Hugo Armstrong, hasn’t quite taken to her new husband and the latest dinner party ep of MAFS flashed to Cameron and Tayla bonding over being country kids who like country music.

Tayla then spoke highly of Cam in a voxxie, right in front of her husband Hugo. It was awkward, to say the least.

But here’s where things get spicier: Before Tayla even hit our screens, she had made headlines, after uploading an Instagram story accusing Lyndall of being a bully.

The story, which was quickly deleted, addressed Lyndall saying, “you’re the biggest bully I’ve ever met. The amount of hurt you’ve caused people is damaging and dangerous.”

tayla lyndall married at first sight

So what is the go?

Take a seat, let’s chat about what we know so far.

Here’s everything we know about the Tayla, Cameron, and Lyndall MAFS saga so far:

Apparently Cam and Tayla get together after filming wrapped

According to So Dramatic! Cam and Tayla were into each other from the moment they met but nothing allegedly happened until after filming wrapped.

However, it’s rumoured that during the reunion episode, Lyndall says her relationship with Cam fell apart after he was sexting Tayla, and noted that everything changed between them when Tayla entered the experiment.

Tayla is now saying she was ‘slut-shamed’ by her fellow castmates

This now circles back to why Tayla accused Lyndall of being a bully, because she was allegedly slut-shamed by Lyndall and some other castmates over…. well, whatever happened with herself and Cam.

Cam and Tayla have so far denied being together

But rumours are still circling. As we know in MAFS where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire so we’ll see how this all plays out after the show wraps.

But wait, there’s more… Lyndall and Hugo apparently hooked up?

Now, we know there have been rumours of Lyndall and Josh having a romance, with Josh’s ex-TV wife Melissa telling Kyle and Jackie O that everything would be revealed. But a source has told So Dramatic! that Lyndall and Hugo hooked up after the show. “They’re not together but they have hooked up and have been talking,” the source said.

Goodness gracious me. I’m going to go pray away everyone’s sins and make a stiff martini. Yes, I know it’s morning still.

Ahh, the tangled web these MAFS stars weave…

Married at First Sight returns Sunday to Wednesday night on Channel Nine.