married at first sight australia cheating

We Reckon We’ve Worked Out Who Cheats On ‘MAFS’ This Season

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Married at First Sight has only just returned, but we’re already thinking about what juicy drama the season will have in store.

At the beginning of the MAFS premiere, there were a few upcoming storylines teased and most notably, a cheating scandal was heavily hinted at. As the voiceover said “temptation will beckon”, the scene cut to a couple sitting on the couch with a man’s hand on the woman’s leg. A woman’s voice can then be heard saying: “There’s definitely that spark, and I wish the experts had matched us.”

This is, of course, not the first time contestants have partner-swapped on this show. It started with Dean and Davina’s infamous date in 2018, and ended with Jessika and Dan having a fully fledged affair on the 2019 season.

So who is it this year?!

Thankfully, in the few seconds the scene was shown, we got all the information we needed.

Look at this tattoo. You’ve likely seen it before, as it’s the kind of tattoo every second Aussie bloke has at the pub, the kind of guy who has tried to buy you a drink, then called you a ‘bitch’ when you said no.

After I scrolled every single male contestant’s Instagram, I found the tattoo.

Drumroll please…..

It’s Cameron. Yep. It’s him.

See for yourself. Here’s a pic from his Instagram, Cameron is at the back on the right:

married at first sight cheating

Let’s zoom into the tattoo:


married at first sight australia cheating

It’s also clear from the MAFS shot that the guy doesn’t have hair, and surprise, surprise — Cameron is the only bald contestant.

OK, now that we’ve locked in Cameron, who could he be cheating with? This is even less of a mystery, as from the shot it’s clear that the woman is brunette. As is Aussie reality TV tradition, most of this year’s contestants are blonde. In fact, there are only two brown-haired brides: Coco and Belinda.

I think it simply must be Coco. First of all, the colour of the woman’s skin (above) is rather tanned. Coco is tanned in all her Instagram pics, while Belinda is naturally much paler.


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A post shared by Coco (@peaceloveandcoco)

Lastly, while I’m no vocal expert…it’s 100% not Belinda’s voice. And it sounds an awful lot like Coco.

So there y’all have it. What makes this all the spicier is that Cameron is rumoured to have been partnered up with Samantha. This is sure to drive an even bigger wedge between Samantha and Coco, two women who clashed when they first met at their hen’s night.

You simply can’t make this shit up.