Domenica Calarco puts MAFS Cast On Full Blast For OnlyFans Scandal

MAFS’ Dom And Ella Put Castmates on Full Blast For OnlyFans Scandal

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Domenica Calarco and Ella May Ding have finally touched on one of the biggest scandals in Season 9 Married At First Sight, and Dom had A LOT to say about the cast.

Ella and Dom have spilled so much tea since they launched their pop culture, reality TV poddy Sit With Usincluding goss on the glass-shattering incident and Ella and Mitch’s relo.

Most recently, the girls have touched on one of the most shocking moments on the show: when Dom was outed for having an OnlyFans by Olivia Frazer.


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Although most of the nation has seen what has happened, we’ll provide a quick lil recap. After the madness of the girl’s night during the retreat, Olivia then comes to the dinner party with some new “info” about Dom and her past on the internet.

She then outs Dom’s OF to the whole party causing a massive fight, claiming that she did it “with no judgement or malice” and from there, the dinner party turned into a massive scrap.

In the first episode of the podcast, Dom recounted the moment she watched the scene for the first time and how it impacted her and her family emotionally. She also mentioned how Olivia and the ordeal gave her PTSD.

“I said, ‘Nonna, you’re gonna see some things that are going to make you uncomfortable, you’re gonna see me upset and that’s going to hurt you’, and I had the same conversation with my mum and my dad,” Dom said.

In the new episode, that will be discussing the OF scandal in two parts, Ella and Dom talked about what they felt at the moment and the groups reaction to Olivia’s bombshell.


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In the podcast, Dom slams some of the girls for their actions during and after she was outed. She claimed that the group was made to look innocent on the show. She then put Tamara Djordjevic on full blast, claiming that she was gaslit by her co-star.

“I’m probably gonna cop some flack for saying this but I think Tamara and Samantha, and I don’t think Selina is as innocent as it’s being portrayed in the show, in terms of ways I was made to feel. Not only that dinner party but weeks after that. Clearly we know and we saw Tamara’s opinions on the whole thing, she pretty much tried to gaslight me,” Dom said.


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Dom also claimed that she knew the rest of the group knew they were in the wrong as soon she confronted Olivia about her intentions with the OnlyFans news.

“Everyone kept trying to defend themselves, and Brent is guilty of that too. I mean, we didn’t see, actually we didn’t see any of it, really and Brent’s not going to like me talking about it but it’s how I felt and he knows how I felt and I’m scarred by that,” Dom said.

“The thing that has haunted me from this experience and from that particular night was the consistent gaslighting, never seeing what was wrong, never seeing what happened hurt me and just acknowledging my feelings as a human being…I felt like no matter what I said at that dinner table nothing was getting across to them,” she added.

Dom also mentioned that Brent Vitiello and Selina Chhaur apologised after she was outed. She also mentions that despite Selina apologising, their friendship never went back to the way it was.


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Yikessss… I would not to be any of those castmates right now! After talking about the group dynamic and how they reacted to Dom, Olivia, and the whole OnlyFans ordeal, Dom got super candid about what happened off-camera and how the whole situation made her feel.

“That night I remember going home, we got in the car and I just cried, in the car all the way back to the city. I cried in the shower, I got into bed, and I laid there and I just said to Jack, ‘is this really happening?’ I felt like I was standing there at that night and I could’ve been naked. I felt like everything was stripped,” Dom said.


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The girls have split the OnlyFans convo into two parts, not only for us to just process everything that has just been said, but to also let Dom and Ella rest and refocus after such a hard topic that has been one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the whole series.

Personally, the drama was so turned up this season, I forgot there were even experts on the show. But for now we wait patiently for Part 2 and I bet it’s about to get even more dark.