married at first sight episode 4

Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Honeymoons Retold Via Funny Tweets

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It’s been a big week on Married At First Sight, and the drama is continuing to build up with one couple looking like they’re about to call it quits already after their honeymoon went awry.

And weirdly, no, it’s not Jake and Bec. The two stopped talking about how deep trees go, and got deeper with their feelings in tonight’s episode and it was actually quite wholesome to watch.

The honesty box (not a euphemism) was dragged out a few times in tonight’s episode to cause absolute chaos. In case you need a refresher, the honesty box was created by either a bored producer or a bored John Aiken in order to spice up the honeymoons so we actually see some drama. Sam and Coco had a go, and Sam stated that he just really loves boobs (ok!), and the box also got a whirl with Cameron and Samantha causing them to basically call it quits before it’s even begun.

See, this is where things got dramatic — after appearing to hit it off early on, Cameron and Samantha hit a roadblock after Cameron admitted to Sam that she wasn’t his usual type. Why do men do this?! For the first time in our lives, women are giving men permission to LIE with this answer or at least sugarcoat it a bit. FFS!

Let’s recap the drama the latest MAFS drama the best way we know how: by laughing at everyone’s insanely good tweets.

We learn which couples have consummated their marriage, and somewhere out there, Trish is shaking. Speaking of shaking, Bec and Jake are still on shaky ground.

Bryce and Melissa are still not happy campers after Bryce’s spectacular gaslighting from the night before.

Sam and Coco have a go at the honesty box, and Sam talks about loving boobs like he’s a 14-year-old boy who’s never been kissed.

Samantha and Cameron get closer, while Jo is in a low mood and her hubby James can’t handle it. Jo later cooks James dinner to make up for their horse ride turning sour (sometimes when I write these sentences I have a small midlife crisis, in case you’re wondering).

Bryce tells Melissa he has cheated on someone in the past. We’re all shocked.

Alana struggles to get Jason to string a sentence together.

Jake opens up to Bec in a wholesome moment that brings the two closer together.

The honeymoon is over for Samantha and Cameron after the honesty box prompts Cameron to say Sam isn’t his usual type and he doesn’t feel an emotional connection with her yet.

The next day, the two try to chat it out but it ends in another argument.

Hey, at least we have Booka and Brett.