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Jack From ‘MAFS’ Has Hit Back At Olivia Over Her Shady Comments About Ella

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Married at First Sight might be long behind us but the drama never stops, as the contestants continue to salvage their reputations by flinging allegations at one another. One groom who emerged pretty unscathed was Jack Millar, who is now speaking out in his most illuminating interview yet.

Everyone’s imaginary TV husband has broken his silence in a chat with So Dramatic!, revealing he felt the urge to share his side following Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie’s most recent interview. “I don’t understand the name-calling and dragging other people through mud. I haven’t spoken up at all but I’m done with it,” Jack told podcast host Megan Pustetto.

In an interview on another podcast Where’s Your Head At? earlier this month, Olivia claimed that Ella Ding convinced Mitch Eynaud to fake their relationship, alleging she had told him “the longer we stay, the more money we make.”

Jack did not buy this version of events. “Let’s talk about the whole fake relationship — that sort of premise that’s being thrown around,” he began. “I can tell you right now based on how hurt Ella was and is, the answer is very simply no. You don’t have that much care and affection for someone, or have this much anguish… you don’t do that if you don’t care.”


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He also addressed whether Mitch felt genuine affection towards Ella, despite Olivia claiming that their TV relationship was “never a thing,” for Mitch. “Mitch loved the girl on the show,” Jack hit back. “I’ll use that word, he never will. Between the two of them, they were on the same page, they were having so much fun together. On the weekends, they were always going to beach and doing their thing,” he said. “What’s fake about that? They were in a relationship through and through.”

In the same interview, Olivia said that during filming the majority of the cast “sided” with herself and Jackson, a sentiment that Jack agreed with. “There was a larger grouper friends that were friends with Olivia and Jackson than with us because we were segregated from the group very early,” he said. “There were plenty of times when the guys met up and I wasn’t invited — a whole heap of them.”

Jack went on to reveal the extent of how excluded he and Dom often were from the rest of the cast. “Take for example the party with the photo [sharing], we didn’t even know that was on? We were never aware people were meeting up, we only met up with Mitch and Ella,” he said.

“At one point there was a group chat that I wasn’t in, that me and Dom weren’t in.”


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The MAFS groom also claimed that what was shown in the season didn’t even scratch the surface of the extent of some of the vitriol he faced from the rest of the cast at times. “There was worse things said. That last dinner party was not a quick one. When Olivia had a crack at me and my God-given sexual performance — that was a lot longer,” Jack said.

“I felt like a little piece of dirt on that table. No one was talking to me… I was so glad that was the last dinner party because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have been there the following week.”

Our hearts genuinely break for Jack, what a respectful king.

The proud dog dad also addressed the big question still lingering over himself and Dom Calarco: are they back together? Sadly, no. “I have nothing but love and respect for Dom, I really do. We are not together but that doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely love the girl. She is beautiful, she is amazing, and without a doubt the main supporter of me as a person.”