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For Some Reason, Olivia From ‘MAFS’ Is Now Shit-Talking Ella

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You might remember last week Olivia Frazer of Married at First Sight fame conducted an Instagram Q&A, and in doing so, asked people to be kind towards her.

After her controversial stint on the show, Olivia has faced a lot of online trolling, something she noted during her Instagram Q&A. When asked about how she turned into the season’s biggest villain after coming across so nice at first, Olivia had this to say: “I am adorable. I am a sweetheart 99% of the time. Under stress? Not so much. You just got to see more sides of me than one.”

As it turns out, Olivia must have recently been operating on the 1% of the time she’s not being a sweetheart, because she just appeared on the Where’s Your Head At? podcast to talk about her time on MAFS and for some reason, decided it was time to drag popular bride Ella Ding through the mud.

Olivia told hosts and former Love Island stars — Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski — that Ella convinced Mitch Eynaud to stay on the show with her, saying “the longer we stay, the more money we make.”

“Mitch is going to kill me, I love Mitchell, I think he’s one of the best men on MAFS, but it was never a thing for him,” Olivia said.

Fans of Married at First Sight might remember Mitch as a very stubborn, sometimes hot-headed, and always brutally honest groom. He clearly didn’t like parts of the experiment and did give Ella an ultimatum about leaving halfway through, but eventually came back on board for the rest of the experiment before dumping Ella in final vows. Definitely normal behaviour from “one of the best men on MAFS“.

As for Olivia not liking Ella? She had a couple more reasons.

“She always had this weird smug smile whenever I spoke to her one-on-one, she always seemed competitive with me over whose relationship was stronger,” Olivia said. “I thought we got along on hens’ night so I was really surprised when she was so ‘Team Dom’.”

Sounds like we’re clutching at some straws here.

Ella recently gave an interview to So Dramatic! where she said things fizzled out with Mitch after the reunion, only for Mitch to blow up when Ella was spotted at the beach with Brent Vitiello.

“I tried to call him, he blocked my calls. I tried to text him,” Ella said. “He was saying, ‘we’re not friends, we’re done’.”

Ella also disputed claims that she was in the running to be the next Bachelorette. “I don’t think it’s for me,” Ella said. “I feel like it might be a bit of a step down from MAFS to be honest. I don’t know yet, it’s too much for my brain right now.”