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‘MAFS’ Contestants Have Spoken Out About What Really Went On With Jason, Liam, & Georgia

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While we got used to seeing some pretty disgusting behaviour on this year’s Married At First Sight, it was a leaked behind-the-scenes video that left us all with a sour taste in our mouths.

The leaked video captured Jason Engler going on a homophobic and fatphobic rant against Liam Cooper, with Liam’s ‘wife’ Georgia laughing in the background and Johnny egging Jason on.

In the video, 35-year-old Jason called Liam “ugly and chubby” before saying he was a “full-blown homosexual” before also making comments that sound incredibly racist. Charming, right? If you want to burn your eyes, you can read the transcript here.

Jason MAFS

The So Dramatic! podcast broke the news last week, and in the latest episode of the podcast, host Megan Pustetto verifies she has spoken to some of the cast members of this year’s MAFS, who said the video was worse than what we’ve actually seen.

MAFS cast spill the tea on the video and tonight’s reunion

The video was apparently first uploaded to Georgia’s close friends on Instagram, and one of the contestants who was in her close friends’ group recorded the video.

One of the MAFS contestants (who remains unnamed) then told Pustetto: “It’s so sad that both Johnny and Georgia have gay family and friends but they both laughed and did not stop Jason. It’s so disappointing to see.” The contestant then said the video went on as Jason made racial slurs against his wife Alana, mocking her ethnicity.

Liam apparently had no knowledge of this video (which was recorded before final vows) until before the reunion, and it’s alleged he’ll come into tonight’s reunion episode seeking an apology from Jason, Johnny, and Georgia – except the three apparently double down and deny any wrongdoing, even going as far to demand an apology from Liam himself.

“During the reunion, Johnny and Kerry denied that he had said anything and Johnny demanded an apology from Liam,” a MAFS contestant told Pustetto.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a MAFS episode without Bryce getting involved in something and he allegedly stands up for Jason and tells Liam that he’s just jealous he missed out on the party.

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The alleged coverup of the video

The So Dramatic! podcast also alleges that when producers found out about the video, they tried to quash it so it’d never see the light of day, as it’d reflect badly on the show. One contestant told Pustetto that the MAFS’ executive producer “has the video but she has destroyed it”. The cast members were then allegedly told to delete the video and never speak of it again.

While Jason has since apologised to the Daily Mail for his comments, Liam has apparently heard nothing from Jason, Georgia, Johnny, or Kerry since the video was leaked.

Liam’s cancer scare

And just when you think things couldn’t get worse, well, strap in.

So Dramatic! also revealed that Liam had cancer in 2018 and had a tumour removed. The medication he was put on during the time made him gain some weight. And yes, Liam had apparently also told Georgia and other contestants during filming about his health battle.

Let’s just say, we expect tonight’s reunion to be an absolute trash-fire episode.

You can listen to the latest So Dramatic! episode in all its glory here.