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The Funniest Tweets From The ‘Married At First Sight’ Premiere

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Our favourite reality show that invites strangers to get hitched in the name of science is back and it feels good! The premiere of Married at First Sight kicked off tonight, and we were finally introduced to the experiment’s brides and grooms.

And tbh, they’ve done pretty damn well with the casting. We’ve already seen a hint of drama between the ladies, with an argument breaking out between Coco and Samantha at the hen’s night. Speaking of Coco, umm: where did they find this person? Coco is bonkers and I could watch her all day.

Over with the fellas, things went smoother as they shared some beere and spoke about what they’re looking for in a potential partner. Then on to the weddings, while Melissa and Bryce appeared to be an ideal match, Jake did not exactly vibe with his bride Rebecca, who didn’t seem to like anything about her groom. I predict even more awkward moments will be coming when they will be forced to be alone together on their honeymoon.

Until then, let’s go through the episode’s events via the best tweets.

The Funniest Tweets From The Married At First Sight Premiere:

We’re back baby!

We meet the brides for their hen’s and we’re already obsessed with Belinda and Melissa. Drama breaks out, after Coco makes a disrespectful comment about the age of Samantha’s ex-husband.

Over at the buck’s night, not much happened but we learnt more about Bryce, Brett, and Patrick.

Oh and, how did Daniel Andrews get in?

It’s wedding time! Our first couple is Melissa and Bryce: a shy workplace trainer and an outgoing radio presenter.

Melissa and Bryce seem like a beautiful couple, she shares with him that she hasn’t been in a relationship since she was 19, and he tells her that he just broke off an engagement.

Then we have mental health charity founder Jake, who has been matched with business manager Rebecca. They don’t exactly gel. The new couple clash at the reception, before Rebecca gets into an awkward exchange with Jake’s family when they say she’s ‘hard work’.

After having a heart to heart, Jake and Rebecca reconcile. Meanwhile, Bryce and Melissa share their second kiss. Bring on the err…love stories.