Meet The 2021 ‘Married At First Sight’ Brides & Grooms

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We’ve only just recovered from the truly chaotic Married at First Sight reunion, and now we have to learn the names and faces of a whole new bunch of contestants. I! Am! Tired!

That’s right, the 2021 MAFS cast has dropped, and to the surprise of no one: it’s mostly white folks. Calls for diversity on reality TV continue to fall on deaf ears, as this is possibly the whitest cast in recent years.

So who have we got? There’s an ex-AFL player, an AFL player’s ex, a few single mums and dads, along with a radio jock who definitely didn’t join the show to get a solo radio show and podcast.

So, without further adieu…

Meet the Married At First Sight brides and grooms for 2021:

Alana, 30, QLD

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

Alana is energetic and fast-talking with a heart of gold, and in her work as a teacher, she is passionate about empowering women. I love her already. In her partner, she is looking for someone who is: loyal, honest, and enjoys deep conversations.

Booka, 31, WA

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

Booka is this season’s most intriguing contestant. She’s in a heavy metal band, Make Them Suffer, as a singer and keyboard player, and she works in a psychiatric hostel, helping people with mental health issues integrate back into society. Booka is looking for a partner who lets her be herself and have her own identity, as she often “loses herself” in relationships.

Belinda, 29, VIC

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

Belinda has never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship, and says she’s only been on three dates in her life. She lives with her cat, works in door-to-door sales, and admits to feeling insecure about her looks. “Guys tend to like tan skin and big boobs, which I’m not.” We must protect Belinda.

Coco, 30, NSW

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

Coco is intense! She is one of the season’s biggest personalities — and you’ll probably love her or hate her. She was previously married, but it only lasted six months because she clashed with her mother-in-law. She’s looking for love after years of prioritising work, as “your job is never going to wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.” Huge mood.

Beth, 39, WA

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

As Beth nears 40, she worries that she won’t have enough time left for kids, so has put marriage as a priority. With this in mind, she is looking for husband who shares her dream of starting a family.

Joanne, 39, VIC

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

Joanne is about as Frankston as you can get. She is a barber, is a mum to three sons, and has absolutely zero filter. Joanne is looking for someone who is funny, laidback, and can handle her short fuse and jealous personality.

Melissa, 31, VIC

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

Despite looking like a straight-up supermodel, Melissa has never been on a date and admits she’s nervous to tell her future husband about this — out of fear he will judge her. Melissa is shy, introverted and lives alone, and so far, has been unlucky on dating apps. Same, gurl.

Samantha, 31, ACT

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

This divorced single mum owns several businesses in her hometown. Samantha has two sons and works as a successful property developer. She describes herself as a “little bit of Aussie bogan” and in relationships, she finds that she is often the dominant one.

Rebecca, 27, WA

married at fist sight 2021 contestants

After a 10-year relationship, Rebecca recently separated from her AFL player fiancé due to infidelity on both sides. Rebecca has high standards for what she looks for in a partner and lists her turnoffs as someone who err…watches Netflix at night, or chews with their mouth open.

Patrick, 27, VIC

married at first sight 2021 contestants

Patrick sounds like a ray of sunshine, stating that he’s bubbly and upbeat and tries to see the positives in every situation. As a fitness fanatic who also competes nationally in powerlifting, Patrick is looking for an adventurous wife. His ideal girl is: loyal, caring, and friendly, but he also added that he doesn’t like women who look “fake” or “plastic” looking. Ugh.

Russell, 37, SA

married at first sight 2021 contestants

To start with, it must be said that Russell looks like Daniel Andrews. So it’s unsurprising that he is known on the weekend for getting on the beers down at the pub, and enjoys a nice steak dinner. Russell owns a mechanic’s business and also does contracting in the mines, so with his work life thriving, he is ready to settle down and start his own family.

James, 44, VIC

married at first sight 2021 contestants

James lives a life of luxury, and loves expensive cars and designer clothes. This divorced father of three has been single for a year and describes himself as a “cheeky chappy”, confident speaking to woman, and the ringleader of social groups.

Sam, 32, VIC

married at first sight 2021 contestants

This construction worker is confident, sarcastic, outspoken and calls it like he sees it. Sam has been single for three years and has set high standards when it comes to women, as he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t. Despite a few long-term relationships, he hasn’t met the right girl yet as he struggles with letting his walls down and finds it hard to let anyone get close to him (except his dog). A man after my own heart.

Jason, 35, QLD

married at first sight 2021 contestants

Jason is giving me Josh Pihlak vibes (from the 2020 season of MAFS) which is not necessarily a good sign. Jason thrives off being around da boys and is the life of the party. Despite being 35, he still lives the same bachelor lifestyle as he did in his 20s, going out every weekend with his mates.

Lately, he’s noticed he’s the last in his group who is still single, so he’s ready to leave his partying behind and find that “spark that Hollywood makes movies out of”. OK, sure!

Cameron, 32, VIC

married at first sight 2021 contestants

Cameron says that people often mistake him for a bit of a meathead due to his tattoos and shaved head, but claims he is really just a “teddy bear”. After being single for two years while working in the mines in Western Australia, Cameron says he is financially stable enough to marry and settle down with the next girl he meets and likes.

Bryce, 31, ACT

married at first sight 2021 contestants

Bryce has worked in radio for the past decade, along with doing a range of acting work. He only recently ended his engagement, but says he’s ready to settle down and wants kids and “a white picket fence”. His ideal match is someone who is adventurous, attractive and loves sport, and he reckons he will “do whatever it takes to make love blossom”.

Jake, 32, VIC

married at first sight 2021 contestants

Jake is an ex-AFL player and current CEO of a mental health charity, Outside the Locker Room. After being previously engaged, Jake ended the relationship when he realised he didn’t love her anymore.

Brett, 31, VIC

married at first sight 2021 contestants

Brett sounds like an absolute dream. He’s a sparky by trade, but he also studies psychology and volunteers with the Salvation Army to assist the homeless. He is looking for a naturally beautiful, funny, and laidback girl.

Married at First Sight premieres on February 22 on Channel 9.