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Here Are All The Juicy Rumours From The ‘Married At First Sight’ Reunion & Yep, Someone Threw Wine Again

The Married at First Sight All-Stars reunion hasn’t even aired yet, but the two-episode special already looks like it will contain more drama than the entire 2020 season combined.

As always So Dramatic! is quenching our thirst for piping hot reality TV tea, with the latest episode dedicated to all the drama that went down during the special — and ooft, it sounds incredible.

First up, following their longstanding feud, it appears like Martha Kalifatidis and Jessika Power may have made up, leaving Ines Basic on the outs. “When everyone walked in, Martha pulled Jess aside and asked her to have a wine with her, and they went and had a chat in the side room straight away. Things were said, it got pretty heated, but it was somewhat resolved. They were then sitting down being friendly and having a bit of a chat,” host Megan Pustetto claims.

“They resolved their issues. Everyone was shocked, they were ‘WTF? They hate each other, what is going on?’ The main culprit was Ines, she was not happy that Jess had made up with her arch-nemesis Martha, so Ines stormed up to them during their chat and she’s like, ‘What the eff are you doing, Jess? So you two are just effing friends now are you?'”


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“Jess was like, ‘Babe, chill out,’ and then Martha was like, ‘Babe, we’re just trying to be civilised. We’re talking about women’s positivity! Leave us alone.’ Ines was like, ‘being civilised?! Then Ines turned on Jess, like massively turned on her. They didn’t speak all night and now Ines hates Jess and they’re still not speaking.”

Things got worse when Jess feuded with Cyrell Paule and Ines wasn’t on her former bestie’s side. “Ines was pissed off that Jess had betrayed her for talking to Martha, when they promised they weren’t going to do that. By the end of the night, Jess was crying because Ines didn’t have her back with the Cyrell fight.”

Interestingly, following the two-episode special being filmed, fans have noticed Ines and Cyrell have been posting on each other’s Instagrams like they’re best buddies. The plot, she’s getting thicc.

So y’all might be wondering what actually happened between Cyrell and Jess? Tbh, it makes Martha’s iconic red wine incident sound like child’s play. It sounds HECTIC. On the first night at the dinner party, Cyclone Cyrell came back in a big way. “Cyrell and Jess start screaming things at each other across the table. Cyrell was reportedly swearing at the top of her lungs at Jess,” Megan said.

Things really kicked off when Cyrell’s partner — Love island’s Eden Dally — was brought up. “It all stems from them both hooking up with Eden Dally, who is now Cyrell’s baby daddy,” she began.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was Jessika accusing Cyrell of getting pregnant to stay relevant. Jess said, ‘Babe, your relationship with Eden is fake, he doesn’t want to be with you and he never did — and you baby-trapped him.’ Then Cyrell lost it, she poured this big glass of wine at Jess, she threw it in her face.”

Nasser Sultan also appeared on the special and backed up this story, telling Megan, “Cyrell confronted her and it got heated, and she threw white wine all over her, in her face. It wasn’t even like on her shirt, it was in her face,” he said. “I felt sorry for her [Jess]. I really did.” He later revealed that Cyrell then tried to throw a whole jug at Jess, before she was escorted out and made to cool off by production.


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It looks like Martha got let off pretty easy on the night. Megan reckons that because of her upcoming TV stint on The Celebrity Apprentice, Martha didn’t get involved in much drama. Megan claims, “Cyrell did try to start beef with Martha but Martha wasn’t having a bar of it. She basically ignored it all and tried to keep her nose clean, or her white dress clean, I should say. Then Cyrell accused Martha of, wait for it, buying Instagram followers. Martha just didn’t respond.”

Megan also claims that Martha and partner Michael Brunelli received the highest salary for their appearance, and also alleged that in Martha’s Celebrity Apprentice contract, there was a clause that said she had to agree to appear on the MAFS special.

Hear about all the drama and listen to Nasser’s full interview on So Dramatic! here.