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Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Final Vows Retold Via Funny Tweets

It’s time to peek your head out from your self-isolating cave and watch couples who barely know or even like each other renew their vows on this crazy show called Married at First Sight aka my entire existence for the past two months.

On tonight’s episode, our weeks of commitment to this series all came to a climax, as three of the couples said their final vows. There were no surprises with Michael and Stacey who chose to stay together and despite KC and Drew’s rocky romance for practically the entire experiment, they decided to give it a go in the real world.

Connie finally let Jonethen go and they left as friends, which is probably as close to a happy ending we’ll ever get on this shitshow. Let’s relive it all in hilarious tweets!

Tonight’s final vows on Married at First Sight retold via funny tweets:

The couples parted ways ahead of the final vows to take some time to make their big decision.

Stacey confided in her friend that Michael hooked up with Hayley and her friend was not having it, telling Stacey to end it.

Back in Victoria, Connie’s mum surprised us all and was super supportive of Connie’s journey.

At final vows, Stacey and Michael decide — against all odds — to stay together.

While KC said she wanted to stay with Drew, he made it seem like he was about to break her heart before ultimately saying he wanted to continue their relationship. Cornelius is shaking.

Finally, Connie spilled her heart to Jonethen, admitting she had newfound self-confidence because of their time together. They both agreed to continue as friends.