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Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About Poh’s Chaotic Energy On ‘MasterChef’

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This season of MasterChef All Stars has been the wholesome viewing we’ve all needed during these uNpReCeDeNtEd times.

From the joy that is Melissa Leong, to the heartwarming friendship between Brendan and Reece, and the sheer presence of Khanh, the show has brought entertainment, drama, and so many jokes about Laura’s pasta that we can’t keep up.

But there has been one consistent throughout this season of MasterChef and we’re talking even more consistent than the Hibachi grill – and that’s Poh Ling Yeow’s absolutely frantic energy.

Poh GIF by MasterChefAU

Poh loves pushing challenges to the very last minute but she still manages to deliver and has an enthusiastic energy that we can’t help but love even if she is giving me huge anxiety most episodes.

Waiting GIF by MasterChefAU

Poh has brought absolute chaos to this season of MasterChef which has left fans of the show somewhere between amused and absolutely stressed.

Here are some of the best tweets!

In fact, it’s nearly now concerning when we see Poh calm in episodes.

But she’s also come out with some pearlers like when she rightfully called out Jock and Andy for not wanting anything to do with the durian during a mystery box challenge.

Tbh, this absolutely needs to be the finale.

Poh, we adore you and your frantic energy. Never change.