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‘MasterChef’ Viewers Are Devastated Brendan & Reece Are Being Torn Apart

Hearts broke across the nation on last night’s episode of MasterChef, as series fave Brendan Pang was sent home — leaving his bestie Reece Hignell behind.

Brendan stumbled in a two-round elimination, first incorrectly identifying a cube of lime, then failing to create a perfectly balanced dish in his seafood noodle creation. He was against tough competition, competing head to head with Tessa Boersma, Emelia Jackson, and Reynold Poernomo, who all served up better plates of food on Sunday’s episode.

As Brendan was told he would be going home, it was hard not to notice Reece’s depleted reaction. The two cooks have been firm friends since meeting on their season, and we’ve loved watching their banter play out as they reunited on All-Stars this year.

My heart hurts.

It’s safe to say that viewers are devastated, not only because Brendan was eliminated but because it means that he and Reece  have been torn apart:

Brendan and Reece simply deserve their own spin-off show and it needs to happen.