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‘MasterChef’ Stabbed Us In The Heart Yet Again With Another Sad Elimination

It’s hard to say if it’s the current state of the world keeping us on edge or if MasterChef really is that emotional this season, because after Khanh’s elimination last night people are just not OK. Again.

It was brutal saying goodbye to sweet angels Jess and Sarah in recent weeks, but Khanh’s elimination reopened the wound. Last night in a challenge against Emelia, Laura, and Reynold, Khanh failed to serve up a fine dining dish that impressed the judges.

As he was told by Melissa that he would be leaving the competition, everyone started to well up and it was extremely emotional to watch.

Khanh has been a fave this season, winning over fans with his hilarious commentary — on and off the show. MasterChef will not be the same without him. Why does loving this show hurt so much??

Viewers are heartbroken that Khanh was eliminated from MasterChef last night:

Feel like pure shit, just want Khanh back on my TV.