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14 Tweets About Mercury Retrograde That Will Make You Laugh Even If You’re A Non-Believer

Depending on how much time you spend online and whether your mates are into it or not, you may have heard that Mercury is back in retrograde — basically, it’s here to mess your life UP.

It might not be that dire. But for the next four or so weeks, if you run into some technical problems, an ex flits back into your life, or you have to sign a contract of sorts, be wary. Mercury Retrograde isn’t here to play.

OK, but WTF is Mercury Retrograde?

A few times a year it’s said that Mercury goes into retrograde, meaning the planet moves in the opposite direction to the earth. Astrologers believe during this time it has an effect on people’s lives, especially within the areas of communication and technology.

So basically it’s recommended that people should take extra care during this time — be careful when buying new technology, don’t sign any contracts, protect your electronics and avoid relationship-defining chats.

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Uhh, science doesn’t back this up, so this affects me how?

It probably doesn’t affect you at all! But if you need something to blame your life problems on for the next four weeks, take advantage of this excuse, that’s all I’m sayin’.

If you can’t laugh, you’ll cry, so we’ve rounded up some of the funniest tweets about the latest Mercury Retrograde.