27 Iconic ‘Neighbours’ Moments Every Aussie Knows By Heart

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In an ever-changing world, some things remain consistent: and for the last 35 years, Neighbours has been keeping us entertained with storylines ranging from heartwarming, to tragic, to downright bonkers.

Think Australians don’t have culture? Try again sweetie, clearly you’ve never been to Erinsborough.

The insanely popular soap is celebrating 35 years on our screens and this week there’s a jam-packed, double episode a night. And considering a lot of us are practicing social distancing right now, there’s never been a better time to tune in.

We’ve decided to look back through the years and pick out some of Neighbours‘ more memorable moments:

1. Scott and Charlene’s wedding (1987)

Imagine the Royal Wedding but Neighbours style – the whole thing was viewed by an audience of 19.6 million in the UK!

Image result for scott and charlene wedding neighbours

2. Daphne’s death (1988)

Daphne, played by Elaine Smith, was killed in a car accident on the way to her father’s funeral because the Neighbours world is brutal. She was the first character to have an on-screen death on the show.

3. Kerry Bishop’s death not long after her wedding (1990)

One minute happiness at a butterfly enclosure wedding, the next, Kerry was shot dead along with her unborn child while trying to save ducks from hunters. WTF Neighbours?!

4. When Harold was swept out to sea (1991)

Harold Bishop that is, not Harold Holt.

5. Todd dying and returning as a ghost (1992)

Todd Landers died of cardiac arrest after surgery, right in front of his pregnant girlfriend Phoebe. He came back in ghost form in the next episode.

6. Julie Martin’s death (1994)

Was she pushed or did she fall!? The drama.

7. And speaking of sad deaths, Helen’s death (1997) still gets us to this day

She was the matriarch of Ramsay Street after all, but she died peacefully on her sofa. Thank God she wasn’t swept off the rocks and out to sea.

8. Karl’s affair with Sarah and the slap that was heard around the nation (1998)

9. Joel’s near-drowning in the river (1998) 

He was rescued just in the nick of time!

10. The end of Toadie’s mullet (1999)

Maybe the saddest death to ever be seen on Neighbours.

11. Libby and Steph’s heart-stopping motorbike accident (2000)

God these Ramsay Street people really have it tough.

12. Harold’s heartbreaking goodbye to the love of his life, Madge (2001)

Brb, still crying.

13. The most memorable Neighbours wedding of ALL time: Toadie and Dee’s short-lived marital bliss turns into tragedy (2003)

On the way to their reception, their car plummeted into the sea and Dee was never found. But more on that later.

14. Karl and Izzy’s dramatic dalliance (2004)

That damn Karl and his wandering eye. When will he ever learn?

Image result for karl and izzy neighbours

15. Lassiter’s going up in flames (2004)

Of course Paul Robinson was involved.

16. The Bass Strait plane crash (2005)

A plane crash over Bass Strait killed David (Kevin Harringon), Liljana (Marcella Rosso) and Serena Bishop (Lara Sacher).

17. Paul Robinson and Lyn Scully’s extremely short-lived marriage (2006)

Even MAFS lasts longer – these two split immediately after the wedding.

18. Stingray’s tragic death (2007)

I’m not crying, it’s raining on my face.

19. The Erinsborough bushfire that brought on another ghost (2008)

The fire claimed the life of Marco Silvani who returned as a ghost at his own funeral. Huge mood.

20. Bridget’s tragic death (2009) 

Bridget Parker was found wandering in the bush with her baby after a car accident, then promptly died because we can’t have nice things.

21. Who pushed Paul Robinson? (2010) 

Paul Robinson was pushed from the Lassiter’s balcony and there were SIX suspects.

22. Sonya and Toadie had baby Nell (2012)

This was a year after Sonya was revealed as Callum’s biological mother.

Image result for sonya toadie baby nell neighbours

23. Paige Smith is discovered to be Lauren’s “stillborn” daughter she gave birth to 21 years earlier (2014)

Uhhh right.

24. The Erinsborough tornado!!! (2014)

Who even knew this was possible?!

25. The first same-sex marriage to feature on Aussie TV following the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia (2018)

26. DEE’S RETURN! (2018)

Image result for dee bliss neighbours return

Holy moley. First Dee’s doppelganger Andrea showed up and created chaos claiming to be Toadie’s dead wife, and then we found out the real Dee was still alive and had changed her name and just led a secret life for 17 years. As you do.

27. The anniversary week of 2020, which includes five weddings and three deaths.

We all need a distraction this week, let’s not lie.