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Non-Aussies Share What Immediately Comes To Mind When They Think Of Australia

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Have you ever wondered what non-Aussies immediately associate with Australia? Well, today is your lucky day.

Always the hub of fascinating questions and answers, Reddit’s r/AskReddit has posed this question from a user: “Non-Australians, what’s the first thing that comes to your head when you think of Australia?”

For me personally, I’d say Osher Günsberg’s hair, wine-throwing at dinner parties, and incorrect winners being announced live on televised modelling competitions, but hey… I’m Aussie!

A lot of the international responses were err… let’s just say as stereotypical as you can get. But there were also a lot of Aussie icons dropped, and some replies that most Australians would not expect.

Non-Aussies share what immediately comes to mind when they think of Australia:

1. Kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee quotes were an obvious choice.

2. Along with Men at Work’s anthem ‘Down Under’.

3. The unofficial king of Australia has to make the list. RIP, Steve.

4. Much respect to John Williamson’s ‘Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees’.

Australian food made a cameo too.


5. Vegemite continues to divide the world but unite Australians.

6. But we can all agree that Tim Tams rule.

As did some more unexpected responses.


7. Huntsmen spiders and heavy fines are apparently synonymous with Australia.

8. The princess of pop simply had to be mentioned.

9. As did that famous address repeated throughout Finding Nemo.

10. Aussie kids’ TV show Bluey copped a mention.

11. Ummm, as did the puzzle shape of Australia. Cool!

But there were a few surprising entries…


12. I’m low-key shook that the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book has international appeal.

13. And very specific details of a Neighbours character’s confusing story arc.

14. Apparently Border Security: Australia’s Front Line has left some in the international community dreading coming here. Oops.

15. Thankfully, good taste is universal.

It’s worth mentioning some rather glaring omissions like Kath and Kim, Home and Away, along with Hollywood exports Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackson.

We’re not just all about Vegemite and kangaroos, bloody oath mates!