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Connell From ‘Normal People’ Can Sing Like An Angel & I Was Not Ready For It

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If you’ve watched even a single episode of Normal People, then it’s likely that you’ve fallen head over heels for Connell. I’ve personally never felt love like this before.

Shy and sensitive Connell is the lead character in the new series and the love interest of Marianne, and he’s left everyone daydreaming about his magnificent chain, hung around his magnificent neck, which holds up his magnificent head, oh and did I mention his magnificent tousled hair.

Connell is undeniably the internet’s new boyfriend, and I was in no way ready to find out that the actor who plays him, Paul Mescal, can also sing.

Wait, let me rephrase: he can sing like an angel.

Paul posted the below piano cover of ‘Chandelier’ by Sia, and I’m honestly about to pass out:

Want more??? Here he is covering ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ from A Star Is Born:

Still not satisfied? Listen to Paul singing David Keenan’s ‘Altar Wine’:

An Irishman who is not only beautiful to look at, but can act and sing? How did we get so lucky? I feel like the universe gave us this gift just when we needed him the most, and I’ve never been more attracted to a person ever.