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20 Nostalgic Pics That Will Transport You Straight Back To The Early ’00s

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It’s hard to think of the early ’00s as the good old days, but as we currently live through 2021…they kind of were!

If you were born in the ’90s, then the ’00s is probably likely to fill you with sheer embarrassment — it symbolises a period when you were an awkward teen, perhaps the kind who wore silver eyeshadow, baby pink lipstick, and skirts with pants (just me?). However, for teens on TikTok and Depop, the trends that the early ’00s inspired are actually considered rather cool and stylish, with the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears now idolised.

But it’s a very different story if you actually lived it. This was the age when the internet was a fairly new invention; we used it but not to the degree we do now. Mobile phones became something that everyone owned and accessorised, while CDs and DVDs were still relatively popular.

Enter Reddit page r/Nostalgia, and the truly triggering images that live in the subreddit. This page is dedicated to people posting photos that will no doubt transport you right back to your cringeworthy teens. We’ve picked out images that are so early ’00s, they hurt.

20 nostalgic pics that will transport you straight back to the early ’00s:

1. When your local cinema always had this exact carpet.

This movie theater carpeting from nostalgia

2. When you checked the newspaper to find out what times your fave movie was screening.

Checking for movie times in the newspaper from nostalgia

3. When having all-you-can-eat at Pizza Hut was a spiritual experience.

Old school Pizza Hut. from nostalgia

4. When the Scholastic Book Fair was the most fun you’ve ever had.

The magic that was the Scholastic Book Fair from nostalgia

5. When, for some reason, these Scholastic books basically taught you everything about anything.

Eyewitness books we’re awesome! from nostalgia

6. When this was literally the coolest computer on earth.

The iMac from nostalgia

7. When these Apple ads made you forever associate Justin Long with being a cool, hip tech brand.

Remember the Mac vs. Pc commercials? from nostalgia

8. When the whole family shared a computer but had different profiles.

The family computer from nostalgia

9. When you channelled all of your creative energy into funky WordArt.

Microsoft WordArt will always hold a special place in my heart. from nostalgia

10. When you would leave your computer for two seconds and return to this tranquil screensaver greeting you.

Underwater Windows 98 screensaver from nostalgia

11. When the only way to get directions was to look it up and then print out the instructions.

Ahhh..the time before Google Maps / Apple Maps from nostalgia

12. When installing this program would basically poison the family computer — but we still took the risk.

LimeWire, if you grew up in the 2000s you might be familiar with successfully ruining the family computer.. from nostalgia

13. But it was all worth it for the iconic mix CDs you could create.

Found a CD holder with my old burned CDs, going through some boxes. from nostalgia

14. When iPods came out and only your rich cousin could afford one.

2004 ipod mini from nostalgia

15. And instead, you were stuck still using your sister’s discman.

cd players! who had one ? from nostalgia

16. When the highlight of your life was getting a Nokia 3210 or Nokia 3315.

When Snake was life – Nokia 3210! from nostalgia

17. Or if you were really lucky, you got a Motorola flip phone.

Little charms hanging off flip phones from nostalgia

18. When your phone had to have the Crazy Frog ringtone or you weren’t shit.

Crazy Frog, the ringtone every noughties kid wanted. from nostalgia

19. When your phone couldn’t take pics, so you had to buy a separate digital camera.

Changing the batteries in your digital Camera after 50 pics. from nostalgia

20. When you could flip through massive poster books at your local Blockbuster or Sanity.

Selection of posters in frames for easy browsing from nostalgia

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