Not The Main Character

TikTok’s ‘Not The Main Character’ Trend Has Made Me Realise That I’m Not, In Fact, A Main Character

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Main character discourse is quite a fascinating thing.

In case you’ve missed it, people on TikTok like to think of their lives as movies. We are all living in our own movie and we are all the main character. And with this thesis, many memes have been born. 

We’ve all collectively decided that ‘Everywhere’ is the rise-and-shine, main character anthem. We’ve all come to the realisation that it’s important to stare out into the ocean every now and then (to establish yourself as a complex person). And we’ve all embraced the evolution of ourselves from the immature people we were in high school to the mature, all-grown-up person you are today. 

But, in the past week, we’ve seen a pivot on TikTok. Suddenly, people are no longer talking about main character discourse, but focussing on the other characters in the story. And let me tell you, some of these side characters are so relatable, I’m convinced I’m not even the main character of my own life. 

Let’s Get Into The Best  ‘Not The Main Character’ TikToks

Calling All Older Siblings

Firstly, shout out to all the older siblings who have absolutely zero friends. Sorry to break it to you, but you are merely a side character in your sibling’s movie. There could be a spin-off in the near future, but we doubt it!

@disney.pbskid.nick.jim#greenscreen I had to hop on this trend!!!#DisPBSNick #SkipTheRinse #TikTokGGT♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

Oh, And Calling All The Younger Siblings

Sorry babes, only the middle child is the main character, don’t you remember Malcolm In The Middle? But, don’t worry, being the younger sibling means you’re the much cooler one. 

@notchanningtatumit’s all jokes😝 #TikTokGGT @rileighmabry♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

Shout Out To The Sassy Best Friends

Do you have too much personality? Is your advice to your friends always perfect despite them never taking it? Well, we’re sorry to say, but you’re not the main character. You’re too powerful.

@takiasarmy#greenscreen were also loud 😩♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

While We’re On The Subject Of Strong Personalities…

I’ll just leave this here.


Do You Hate Kids? Mood.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all villains in kids movies are gay. Or, they’re Libra’s. One of the two. And as a gay person, let’s just say I heavily relate to this one.

@adamtots#greenscreen chaotic libra energy♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

The Softboi’s Aren’t Off The Hook Either

Are you a socially awkward kinda guy? Yeah, you’re not the main character. But, the person you’re flirting with probably is!

@vidswithhenhm♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

Now, Let’s Talk About Short People

Sorry, I don’t make the rules!

@ana_lisasNot my first time calling myself out on here and probably not the last #maincharacter #mammamia #disney #marvel #starwars♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

Now, Bring On The Besties

If you are part of a duo, this is an immediate sign that you aren’t the main character. But, that doesn’t mean anything bad. You and your bestie are probably too intense so if you were the main characters, the movie would be too much to handle. 

@peptoslut#greenscreenvideo #greenscreensticker featuring my editing skills in the beginning @urmomschesthair888 #comedicrelief #bestfrinds #TikTokGGT #fyp♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

@guyswehaveanxietyyeah we’re actually really cool #foryoupage #fyp #that70sshow #harrypotter #meangirls #coraline #asoue #deadpoetssociety #newgirl♬ DANCING QUEEN – Owen Kelley

So, if you related to any of the above TikToks, welcome to someone else’s movie!

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