Sylvanian Drama

The Absurd ‘Sylvanian Drama’ TikTok Account Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch Today

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TikTok is such a weird place. Not only is it the home of extremely niche relatable content, dance trends, and celebrities clearing the air, but it’s also the home of my new favourite thing in the world: Sylvanian Drama. 

Introducing: Sylvanian Drama

I have spent hours on end watching the Sylvanian Drama TikTok account. If you don’t know, this TikTok account has racked up almost 800k followers and over 18 million likes in a very short amount of time. The account is run by 19-year-old, Dutch student Thea von Engelbrechten, who uses the Japanese toys to tell plot-twist riddled stories. We stan a side-hustle. 

Why Is It So Popular?

I can’t tell you why this channel is addictive or why it’s become so popular. Perhaps, given our addiction to TikTok we can’t handle entertainment longer than a minute, so we’ve pivoted to fast-paced, toy soap-opera dramas. Or perhaps, it’s just funny to see the distinct juxtaposition between how cute the toys are and how fucked the storylines are. Really, the choice is up to you. 

Some Of The Highlights

Sylvanian Drama gives us one-minute movies about cheating scandals, high school, drama and everything in between. For example….

Please enjoy this tale of weight loss, toxic masculinity, and sustainability.

@sylvaniandrama#fitness #drama♬ Just Dance – Lady Gaga

And this story about high school bullying, plastic surgery, and Tony Hawk.

@sylvaniandrama#nosejob♬ Live While We’re Young – One Direction

And how could we forget: the tale of cheating, murder, and friendship.

@sylvaniandrama#cheaters♬ Fuck You – Lily Allen

There are plenty more like this. But warning, if you do have a scroll, you may be there for hours. 

The Person Behind The Tok

In an interview with I-D, the creator of this account spoke about where she gets her inspiration from when making these TikToks. “I’m a huge fan of shows like Gossip Girl and movies like Cruel Intentions…” Thea von Engelbrechten said. “So I think the base of the storylines are really inspired by them, but the random plot twists are just my sense of humour.” We stan a queen with taste.

Additionally, when asked about why she thinks the videos are so successful, von Engelbrechten said: “I think people follow the account ironically in the beginning but then actually end up getting invested in the characters lives. I don’t know how long the hype about them will last, or how long people will find them funny, but I’m definitely just having fun making them for the time being.”

Well, given the rate this account has been rising, I guarantee you it’s not a phase.

This TikTok account is so addictive, I low-key want to buy some of these figurines to make my own chaotic plot mini-movie. So, if you’re like me, and are considering doing the same, thankfully you can grab these at your local Big W