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Olivia From ‘MAFS’ Has Done A Q&A & Here’s The Tea If You CBF Watching It

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Olivia Frazer was an incredibly divisive character during the 2022 season of Married at First Sight.

She started as the teaching assistant sweetheart, paired with Jackson Lonie and it was basically love at first sight for the two of them. As the season went on, Olivia morphed into the villain role before our very eyes, siding with misogynistic groom Andrew Davis in his conflict with Holly Greenstein, and feuding with Domenica Calarco throughout the rest of the season, which resulted in Olivia showing a wider group an image from Dom’s OnlyFans, after Dom smashed a wine glass in a chaotic girls’ night episode.

Now that the 2022 contestants of Married at First Sight have officially got their Instagram accounts back, it also means they have the freedom to post whatever the hell they’d like — as we saw from Tamara’s big dirty 30 birthday bash over the weekend.

Olivia has taken to Instagram to tell her followers she’d do a Q&A, asking for kindness in doing so. “I was expecting a lot of trolling, I wasn’t anticipating so many people being so kind,” Olivia said, upon receiving the questions. “So I just wanted to thank people for being so lovely.”

olivia frazer mafs

Here’s everything we learned from Olivia’s Instagram Q&A:

On Dom:

“Lot’s of questions about Dom. I won’t be answering any of them. But I hope she has a very happy, healthy, beautiful life.”

On Alessandra calling her out for not having empathy:

“I absolutely have empathy. I’ve always had empathy. What viewers didn’t get to see is that Alessandra had just insulted me for five minutes straight and told me in all of these batshit crazy ways that I didn’t have empathy. I just wanted Alessandra to stop. Everyone knows when you get beaten down to a point,  you just want somebody to stop going for you and you just say anything.”

On being portrayed as having no serious relationships before MAFS:

“I’m still friends with most of [my exes] so I hope that says a lot about my character.”

On Carolina and Dion:

“I didn’t like the way Carolina spoke to Dion and I’ve told her that. You don’t have to like everything your friends do. I love Carolina, but I didn’t like that. Easy,” Olivia said, before later stating she’s still good friends with Carolina.

“Carolina is one of the funniest most savage girls I’ve ever met in my entire life, she’s such a good time. She’s a good friend.”

On starting out so nice and turning into the season’s biggest villain:

“Look I’m both. I am adorable. I am a sweetheart 99% of the time. Under stress? Not so much. You just got to see more sides of me than one.”

On her regrets from doing Married at First Sight:

“I have a lot of regrets from MAFS. My biggest one is not leaving when I felt unsafe. But for everything I did wrong, I apologised, you just didn’t get to see it.”

On taking accountability for her actions and the biggest misconception people have of her:

“I do take accountability for everything I said, I always have, I always did. You guys just never got to see it. Let’s just say, I’m friends with most of the cast still. There’s no way if I was as awful as I was on TV that I’d walk away with so many friends and the love of my life. Jackson wouldn’t put up with that shit.”

“Biggest misconception people have of me is that I ever slut-shamed somebody. I worked for a women’s luxury lingerie brand, that’s not who I am. Absolutely not who I am. The biggest thing MAFS took from me is they took my core beliefs and twisted it into something opposite. That hurts.”

On whether Jackson has dropped the L-bomb:

“He has, he doesn’t say it all the time. But when he does, it makes it mean more.”

On an example of MAFS editing her to make her appear more like a villain:

“[An example was] when it seemed Jackson and my relationship was rocky because I didn’t want him to go to the gym. That never happened. I was salty about filming in a gym, because I thought they were trying to take the piss out of me being a former fat girl. And later when I was saying ‘he can’t do that, he’s not a frat boy’, I was talking about him going out on a bender all weekend.

“Keep in mind, we were long distance, I didn’t want to go down to Melbourne for him to be going on a bender. I’m not a party girl. It was two different conversations that were edited to make me look like some evil control freak.”

On Jackson’s supportive family and friends:

“I absolutely get along with Jackson’s family and friends. He has exquisite taste in people. His friends and family are amazing, they’ve been incredible supports. Jackson didn’t have any legitimate concerns about me getting along with his friends, it was just something producers kept making him say.”

On what upset her about the reunion episode:

“At the reunion we watched different footage of the glass incident. And Selin had said Dom should’ve stabbed me. That’s why I was crying so much at the reunion.”

On her opinions on the MAFS experts:

“Not good. They literally have ear pieces in repeating whatever the producers tell them to say. They don’t give any advice. They’re not there to help anybody’s relationship. They’re just there to solidify any storyline producers have conjured up. I’m sure they’re nice people outside of MAFS, but I’m not a fan.”

On getting through the hard times with Jackson:

“Jack and I don’t have many arguments, but when MAFS started going really bad for me I started lashing out at him a bit which he completely didn’t deserve, and I’d go splash my face with some cool water, then go hug him and be like ‘I’m so sorry’.”

And on whether she’d do it all again:

“I would not let my worse enemy go on MAFS. I got the love of my life and I got everything that everyone goes on wanting and I’m saying do NOT do it!”