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How To Set Up The Perfect Tinder Profile, As Told By The BDOM Expert

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Sure, some of us have a love-hate relationship with dating apps but there’s no denying they are the most effective way to meet someone these days.

With summer just around the corner – hopefully teamed with more freedom for those of us suffering in lockdown – there’s never been a better time to up your Tinder game and get swiping until you get pins and needles in your thumb (just me?).

Alita Brydon is the founder of Bad Dates Of Melbourne and has seen pretty much every dating horror and love story there is. So who better to dish advice on how to take your Tinder profile from a 5/10 to a SuperSwipe effort.

Here’s Bad Dates Of Melbourne‘s Alita Brydon on her top five Tinder tips that will have you racking up matches, lining up dates, and living your best swipe life.

Alita Brydon Bad Dates of Melbourne

Put the spotlight on you!

“First impressions only take a moment, and the focus of your Tinder profile should be on your wonderful and sparkly self. Steer clear of group photos – instead, go for a mix of at least three: one of your face, one full length, and one of you enjoying life – whatever that means to you.

Be colourful, be silly and smile. Even better – upload a video to Tinder. More than half (56%) of Gen Z daters agree it’s easier to show off your personality in a video than in a photo – and you didn’t learn all those TikTok dance moves in lockdown for nothing.”

Spread love, not COVID

“Hot Vax Summer is coming – whether it happens on your phone or in person – and everyone is talking about vaccination. It’s important for people to know if a match is planning on being vaccinated or has been given the jab of health. Use your bio to talk about your vax values, upload your jab selfie, and slap a Vaccine Sticker on your profile so you stand out in the stack. Not only is it showing you’re getting behind community efforts, you’ll be encouraging other people to get jabbed – which is great as I’ve pretty much exhausted Netflix.”

No bio, no swipe

“The biggest bio boo-boo is having no bio. It only takes five minutes to take a blank slate and turn it into a match magnet. Don’t sweat if you’re not a good writer — you don’t need to be a professional, just show who you are. If you’re really struggling just follow an easy formula: Just looking for [insert your kinda here person]. Up for a video date?”

Stand out in the stack

“Avoid cliches. The best bios focus on what makes you unique – and copy-pasting from Google will put you in the naughty corner. Show off your taste by not just saying you like to travel – but where you like to travel; not that you just like food – but what dishes in particular you enjoy. Get specific about what sets you on fire and stand out. Another quick hot tip, if you’re looking for a match that shares the same interests and wanderlust, would highly recommend taking advantage of Tinder’s new Explore feature.”

Get silly with music

“Tinder has a feature called ‘My Anthem’ which you can use to share your excellent music taste on your profile – or make hilarious jokes. Make the most of it and find a song with a title that will make your potential match laugh. There are millions of tracks with great names including, ‘Your New Boyfriend’, ‘Dreamlover’ or ‘Swipe Right On Me’. Failing this, you can just put on ‘Sandstorm’ because that always seems to work.”

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