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LONG LIVE LOVE: Tom & Abby From ‘Queer Eye’ Are Back Together

You’ll be totally forgiven for getting whiplash, because it’s just been announced that Queer Eye’s most tumultuous couple, Tom and Abby, are back on! Wow, what a rollercoaster of romance.


It’s now been announced that Tom and Abby are ENGAGED. Wow, Tom is a thirsty boy. Perhaps these two crazy kids should slow it all down, especially since they already have one failed marriage behind them.

But also, it’s a savvy move to try and get Queer Eye to run your wedding, so maybe they’re just being super smart.

Last week, Tom regretfully ‘let the world know’  that he and Abby were no longer together, and also reaffirmed that she’s still the love of his life. It was a sad Tweet, followed by a literal spree of photos of her which destroyed all of our hearts.

You’ll remember Tom as the adorable, shorts-wearing, king of the ‘redneck margarita’, from episode one. He’s a lonely, shy soul with a lack of confidence in himself. His transformation at the hands of the Fab Five is one of the most dramatic and sweetest in the series.

It was also revealed during the episode that he was still holding a torch for his ex-wife Abby, and much of his journey revolved around taking her out for a date, and then making dinner for her. It seemed implied that they would end up together, which is why people were so shocked at the news of their breakup.

But now, in a shocking twist that NOBODY was expecting, it looks like Queer Eye’s magic was just a little bit delayed and Tom and Abby are back together. Love is real, we all get second chances, and nobody dies alone, unloved and unlovely.

Also, on a side-note: check out how cute Tom’s ensemble is!

Everyone’s necks are ACHING from this whiplash, but people are extremely happy for the couple, and hope that this time love wins:

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