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An Important Reminder Of The Two Most Iconic Speeches To Come Out Of Reality TV This Year

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In about 10 years’ time, someone will whisper the words “Remember 2020?” and everyone in the room will give a slight shudder as their eyes glaze over, and someone will shake their head tersely and say, “we don’t speak of that time.”

Even in the happier moments, the doom and gloom of 2020 has been hard to shake. If you’re counting down until this year is over, you’re not the only one. While we can’t pin all our hopes and dreams onto 2021 just yet, at least we’ll have a distraction with the brand new season of MAFS hitting our screens early next year.

So, speaking of such things, we have to remember that 2020 did bring us some entertaining moments in amongst the depression memes and “pretending your Zoom call has frozen so you can log off” era. And while our reality TV seasons this year were sometimes lacklustre, there were two iconic moments that we should actually be thanking 2020 for.

I am, of course, talking about two of the most impassioned speeches we’ve seen on reality TV in recent years. Two speeches, that made you gasp, laugh, and cry. Two speeches which have now seared themselves into your brain, quote by quote, a feat not achieved since Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech in 2012.

Two ladies. Two moments. Two powerful speeches that we’ll now name the top moments from reality TV this year.

This is an important reminder that Natasha Spencer from Married At First Sight and Zoe-Clare from The Bachelor took one for the team, and upped the ante to leave us with our jaws on the floor.

Firstly, take a look back at Natasha’s scorching speech on the 2020 season of Married At First Sight, where she dropped the mic (or shall we say, the Mike?) at the dinner party reunion.

natasha married at first sight

It was a takedown so unexpected, so carefully delivered with the right amount of intensity, disguised as a toast before driving the final nail into the coffin.

In a storyline that was never shown on the show, Natasha revealed to the whole dinner party that Stacey had a secret affair with Natasha’s husband Mikey. The speech went a little like this:

“I’d just like to say how nice it is to have everyone back together. I’d like to toast to Michael and Stacey for having the fakest relationship in Australian reality TV history. And I’d like to toast to Stacey for fucking my husband on the one month anniversary. Cheers to you, babe.”

Never in the history of MAFS has a toast left our jaws on the floor.

The rest of the dinner party was absolute mayhem of course, and Stacey denied any involvement with Mikey. Did it happen or was it all a lie from Mikey? Tbh we don’t really care, because the phrase “I’d like to toast to Stacey for fucking my husband” will ring in our heads forever.

Of course, we also need to include the Bachy spiel that left Australia screaming:  Zoe-Clare’s now infamous speech about being a redhead.

After Areeba interrupted Zoe-Clare’s time with Locky, we saw the redhead go on a nonsensical rant about being targeted because she’s a redhead. It was truly an out of this world moment. It was Zoe-Clare’s world, and we were just living in it, desperately not understanding a single thing that was happening.

Read the speech in full below:

zoe clare the bachelor 2020

The tearful “you’re still a fucking ranga at the end of the day” will forever stay in my heart. What a moment in time.

Unfortunately we didn’t see Zoe-Clare too much after this moment, and maybe it was for the best. She later explained she had been on medication due to being ill, and maybe shouldn’t have had any bevs. It’s happens to the best of us!

So while we wait with mixed feelings for the 2021 seasons of MAFS and The Bachelor, let us all remember that even in the darkest of times, in the more boring seasons, there are still some standout moments that will be forever burned into our memories.