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Reddit Has Helped A Granddad Find His Missing Lorikeet & It’s Extremely Wholesome

Sometimes Reddit can be an awful cesspit of despair but other times it can unite a community over a common cause like no other platform on the internet.

This week on the r/Australia subreddit hearts broke over one man and his missing bird. It all started with a reshare of a Facebook post asking Rockhampton residents to keep a look out for a lorikeet, which was inside a car that was stolen from the Norman Gardens area.

She has given me permission to post here! This story has broken my heart. Please help find this mans bird 🙁 from r/australia

The post got thousands of upvotes with commenters really feeling for the granddad left without his beloved pet. One Reddit user wrote: “If someone stole my car with my dog inside, it’d really kill me to know my dog was stuck with the kind of person who steals cars.”

It’s all incredibly upsetting but thankfully a few hours after the original post, the same user posted a picture of the grandad reunited with his lorikeet.

Oh happy day!

Thank you to everyone who upvoted! The bird has been returned from r/australia

So what exactly happened as this poor bird was stuck in a car with a common thief? Reddit user @dmachin85 wrote: “She was dumped on the side of the road in her cage. Someone found her and took her to a pet shop.”

I guess we will never know what happened in the time between the bird being taken for a joyride and then being ditched, but that doesn’t mean Reddit isn’t taking the piss out of the bizarre situation.

What was the lorikeet actually thinking?!

reddit australia missing bird

The image of the bird being returned to the Rockhampton man has gained almost 20k upvotes. We are extremely here for this wholesome content.

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