rose goon bag

You Can Now Buy A Rosé Goon Bag So There’s Summer Parties Sorted

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There are a few things in life that make one feel quintessentially Aussie: a trip to Bunnings finished off with a snag, eating Zooper Doopers on a hot summer’s day, or putting on a too generous serving of chicken salt on hot chips.

One Aussie staple in many adult’s lives as they turned 18 was the humble goon bag – the casked wine that came in various brands, costing as little as $10 and providing you with up to 4L of lukewarm wine to take to parties, on schoolies, or to be downed on campus at uni before substituting as a pillow.

Now, if you’re like me, a humble goon bag is a thing of the past: better left in the days when we were 21, young, and fun.

Until now that is.

There’s a new box on the block and Caskaway is here to change your opinion on casked wine. The 2.25L bad boys (equivalent to three bottles of wine for all those playing at home), are available in Chardonnay, Tempranillo and wait for it… Rosé. Did someone say hot girl summer? Or have I just been screaming that to an empty room since lockdown ended?

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Just in case you weren’t convinced that you need to buy one of these boxed goods for your next social gathering, each cask is made from recycled cardboard and they last up to four weeks after opening. Much better than that half-bottle of wine in your fridge that you opened upon coming home with some Macca’s nuggets in hand then realised you didn’t need one drop.

These delightful casks are now available in selected Liquorland and First Choice Liquor stores for $20. Yep, a goon bag of Rosé for $20. Dreams really DO come true.