Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Rated Tim Tams, Mint Slices & Vegemite On Her Cooking Show

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Apart from dropping one of the best albums last year, Selena Gomez kept busy by releasing her own cooking show with HBO Max.

While here in Australia we don’t have the ability to watch the show in its entirety, clips of the series have made their way on to the web, including one of the pop star eating quintessentially Aussie foods. 

Selena Gomez did an episode of Selena + Chef (amazing title, I know) with none other than Aussie legend Curtis Stone. In addition to filming an episode together, Curtis sent her a bunch of Aussie snacks, which Selena ate and gave us her opinion on. And, let’s just say there were a few surprises.

Let’s Crack Into What Selena Gomez Liked & Didn’t Like:

Mint Slices

I’m pleased to report that Gomez likes Mint Slices. And thank goodness for that because I was worried that I would have to unstan. 

In fairness, Mint Slices were already very much up the ‘Rare’ singer’s alley, as she said that she already “like(d) mint”. Either way, she likened the snack to Christmas and called the Arnott’s biscuit “good.” Woohoo!

Tim Tams

“I gotta say, a lot of die-hard Aussie fans have given me these, so I’ve had these (already),” Gomez immediately announced, as she looks at a full packet of Tim Tams. So, it’s pretty obvious that she liked it. But, I was surprised to hear that she liked Tim Tams better than Mint Slices. Okay, taste.

Violet Crumble

I’m not even going to beat around the bush, Gomez is not a fan of this biscuit, saying “Mmmmm, no, it’s like.. yeah no…” Sigh.

Anzac Biscuits

I’m extremely surprised to hear that Gomez has not eaten Anzac biscuits before. Regardless, this video is quite interesting to watch. I feel like Anzac cookies can turn celebrities either way, because of it’s insanely crunchy texture. But, it gets the A+ for approval from Selena. “Love, love these… My personal favourite,” Selena said. Yay!


Selena Gomez

“I’m very hesitant,” Gomez says as she opens up a fresh tub of Vegemite, no doubt smelling all of the wafting notes of malt extract and yeast. “Oh my gosh… Why?… What are we supposed to do with that?” she continues. You get the picture, she doesn’t like it. “They use these for like sandwiches?” Selena questioned before saying, “No, no no… I’m so sorry Australia, I love you guys so much… it has nothing to do with you.”

Check out the whole video here:

3/5 ain’t bad!

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