Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

The Most Ridiculous Fights On ‘Selling Sunset’, Ranked

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There are three things that you can always count on a season of Selling Sunset giving you: Grossly overpriced homes, impeccable fashion, and the most ridiculous fights imaginable. And if the latest season of Selling Sunset, the reality show about pretty people selling beautiful houses, has proved anything, it’s that the last point is true as ever.

OK, sure. The drama this season feels a lot more manufactured that the previous seasons, which in itself says a lot. But with storylines like Davina Potratz dramatically leaving and returning to the Oppenheim Group and new girl Emma Hernan bringing in old, tired boy drama with Christine Quinn, there have been some pretty ridiculous tiffs to add to the long list of truly batshit fights on the show.

So here are the most pointless feuds of Selling Sunset ranked from justified to just downright bonkers.

10. Jason And Davina Beefing Over The $75 Million House

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

My favourite fight of the series is hands down Jason Oppenheim tussling with Davina over the $75 million listing — a house that never sold, by the way.

Despite Jason warning Davina that Adnan Sen’s mansion would never sell because it was overpriced, she kept pushing. The tension ended up reaching its peak when Jason told Davina that the Oppenheim Group reputation was on the line when they knew it would never sell.

As usual, Davina banged on about being a licensed broker and threatened that she could go off and do her own thing. But broker or not, it didn’t matter. Davina never sold the house and when she left to do her “own thing”, she came back to beg for her job in the very same season.

9. Christine Talking Shit About Heather And Tarek

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

In Season 4, we learned Heather Rae and Christine drifted apart because Christine couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Despite hating people talking about her, Christine implied Heather was calling the paps on herself and compared Heather and her husband Tarek El Moussa to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag in the press.

During Season 1 Christine literally said she “doesn’t like Heather as a person” and “gets annoyed by her all the time because of the way she looks, the way she dresses, the way she speaks, because of the lack of wheels turning up there”, but yet was surprised when Heather chose to distance and not attend Christine’s baby shower this season.

8. Heather Hating Amanza Mentioning Tarek’s Kids

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

One of the most forced dramas in Selling Sunset was Heather getting upset because Amanza Smith gave advice as a mum who was going through a sticky situation herself.

“It terrifies me how fast you have met those kids,” Amanza told Heather about her very, very fresh relationship where she had already met Tarek’s kids a month in. “Because when and if something doesn’t work out, their hearts are crushed.”

“It is going to work out. We are very serious,” Heather clapped back. “We are going to move in together, and we are moving forward with everything. I’m glad that you are worried about my boyfriend’s children. Thank you.”

7. Davina Wanting To Go To Burning Man

Selling Sunset's Mary hits out at Davina over Chrishell divorce row with Justin Hartley | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

Davina famously blew off a charity event that Chrishell Stause planned in favour of heading to Burning Man. But for once, Davina is not entirely in the wrong. Burning Man is likely a trip that Davina spent ages planning whereas the charity event was whipped up later.

Sure, Davina justifying her choice by saying Burning Man “was an experience that totally changes your perspective” probably isn’t the best when comparing it to feeding the homeless, but honestly the whole “how much was your ticket?” vs “how much was your dress?” back and forth was cringe anyway.

6. Christine Asking If Chrishell Had Dementia

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

The main plot line throughout Season 1 of Selling Sunset was basically Chrishell joining the Oppenheim Group and Christine hating that fact that she did.

As expected, the main reason the two clashed so much was Davina stirring shit as usual. After Davina miscommunicated what Chrishell had said about Mary and Romain, Christine assumed the new girl was talking shit behind her friend’s back.

And even though Mary didn’t give a single shit, Christine ended up calling Chrishell “two-faced, shady and crazy” and constantly asked if she had “dementia” because she allegedly refused to ever own up to what she actually said.

5. Christine And Emma Fighting Over A Mutual Ex

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

Season 4 was dominated by the Christine VS Emma drama, which stemmed from the two (and Heather!) sharing an ex eight years ago. The issue? The pair have two very different stories about their experience of finding out they “dated” the same man at the same time.

Christine claims that she was engaged to the mystery man and Emma knew this, so willingly cheated with him. But Emma maintains that she didn’t get with the guy until the pair had broken up — a story many in the Oppenheim Group corroborate. But considering they both live successful lives, don’t care about the man in question anymore, and it’s been eight whole years, this fight makes zero sense.

4. Davina Questioning Chrishell’s Divorce

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

The series biggest instigator has to be Davina, who claims that all the drama surrounds her because she’s “honest and direct” instead of it being a result of her just being plain rude.

Davina really revealed her true colours at Christine’s wedding though, when she questioned the reasons behind Chrishell’s divorce and essentially sided with Justin stating he has “his side of the story too” because she “literally knows nothing” about the breakup.

“Obviously Justin has his own side, right? That’s all I’m saying,” Davina continued to pester an already uncomfy Chrishell. “You didn’t get married to get divorced, you know? You know that, right?”

3. Christine Being Upset That Mary Has Other Friends

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

It really feels like all of Christine’s issues with Mary stem from the fact that Mary has friends other than her. Even though newcomer Vanessa Villela tried to repair the former besties’ relationship in Season 4, Mary made it clear she wanted no parts.

Really, Christine was just mad that Mary remained friends with Chrishell while she was fighting with her in Season 1. After all, Christine’s definition of loyalty is “if I don’t like someone, you don’t like someone”.

Then there was the fact that Christine wasn’t invited to Mary’s impromptu second bachelorette party when Chrishell was and Christine rejecting Mary’s baby shower gift. Honestly, the whole thing is exhausting.

2. Davina Dragging Romain And His “Fake” Ring

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

As per usual, Davina tried to make someone feel bad and excused her meanness as being “direct and honest”. But unlike others she’s offended, Romain Bonnet wasn’t having a bar of Davina trying to throw Chrishell under the bus for her prenup comments. Nor was he happy with Davina shaming Mary for not having a ~real diamond~ engagement ring.

Straight up telling Davina to “shut the fuck up and don’t make any comments like that” if you don’t know a person, Romain ensured that she wasn’t invited to his wedding. And, of course, Davina had the nerve to get mad that she wasn’t allowed to come. Oh no! It’s the consequences of your own actions!

1. Mary Getting Mad That Christine Crashed Her Dog’s Party

Selling Sunset Fights Feuds Ranks

I’m sorry but this entire plot line was so stupid. Mary and Jason throw a huge and expensive party for their dogs (that they share custody of, lol) in multi-million dollar mansion, and Mary is upset that Christine showed up and *checks notes* start drama when she was just *checks notes again* just standing there with a dog?

Even though she screamed about “not wanting any drama” at the party, Mary brought ALL the drama by dramatically storming off and causing a scene. Girl, genuinely who the fuck cares. It’s literally an overpriced party for the dogs you share with a 5’6″ ex who is now your boss. Scream about that.


You can stream Season 1 to 4 of Selling Sunset on Netflix now.