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6 Deadly Serious Recommendations For Australia’s Next Eurovision Representative

After years of whinging about who has been chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision, SBS are finally giving power to the people.

While our humble nation has had some success in the competition (Dami 4EVA!), over the past two years our luck has seemed to have run out. The organisers are changing tactic and launching a nationwide search for our next rep, announcing a contest where Australia gets to select the artist and song to represent us in 2019.

At long last it’s the people’s choice, so we reckon this is our chance to finally resurrect some of the acts that Australia has long forgotten about.

Here are 6 deadly serious recommendations for Eurovision 2019:

1. Lee Harding

Australian Idol alum Guy and Jess made it to Eurovision, so our boi Lee is the obvious next choice, right? And we know the world is finally ready to hear ‘Wasabi Pt. 2’.

2. Bardot

When our country was blessed with ‘Poison’ back in 2000, we never found out what happened next? Did the poison work? Is someone dead? Should we call the police? These are questions Bardot needs to answer.

3. Holly Valance

Who knows where Holly has been since her iconic video for ‘Kiss Kiss’ but don’t tell me this aesthetic isn’t Eurovision AF?

3. Savage Garden

Could Eurovision help launch the greatest reunion in Australian music history? Probably not. But we nominate Darren and Daniel to get the group back together just for one night.

5. Nikki Webster

We’ve been sleeping on Nikki for a criminally long time. Just hear me out, what if Holly AND Nikki appeared together to do a ‘Kiss Kiss x Strawberry Kisses’ mashup. I mean, would Eurovision ever recover? Short answer: absolutely not.

6. The Veronica (Performing a 2018 version of ‘Untouched’)

While we know ‘Untouched’ is already a verified banger, it might be time for a 2018 remix. Maybe they’ll go ‘ah ah’, then we’ll go ‘ooh ooh’. The possibilities are endless.

You’re welcome, Australia.

Over to you, Eurovision!