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A Teaser For ‘Sex/Life’ S2 Has Dropped And Someone Hose Me Down ASAP

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Sexy TV fans, get ready! The horniest TV series on any mainstream streaming platform is coming back. Yep, Netflix’s breakout success, Sex/Life, will finally premiere its muchly anticipated Season 2 next month.

It’s been two years of waiting for more episodes of the wildly popular book adaption aka two years of wondering if the massive dick in episode 3 was actually real.

For the unanointed, Sex/Life follows the romantic (and often messy) pursuits of protagonist Billie (Sarah Shahi), a suburban housewife who starts to grow tired of the vanilla sex she’s having with her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and long for the days when she had wild sexual encounters with volatile ex, Brad (Adam Demos).

Things get complicated when Brad reenters Billie’s life, leaving our gal to have to make the ultimate choice: stay in the safety of her marriage, or take a chance with Brad. What makes this show all the more watchable is the chemistry between Shahi and Demos — it’s unsurprisingly that the two actors are actually together irl.

A teaser has now dropped for Season 2 and we can expect more sexy scenes between the two lovebirds. The short clip also features a few new characters so we can’t wait to find out what’s the latest with Billie and her chaotic… sex life.

The new season drops on Netflix on 2 March.

Check out the trailer for Season 2 of Sex/Life below: