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10 Sexy Movies To Stream After You Watch ‘365 Days’

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I don’t recall a time when we, as people, have been more collectively horny for a movie before 365 Days dropped on Netflix.

Sure, there was 50 Shades but 365 Days is something else. The movie might be a mess but it also introduced Massimo (and that boat scene) to the masses, and for this we will be forever grateful.

If you’ve seen the movie, it’s obvious viewers are not watching it for the acting or dialogue, but for the sex scenes. And its recent surge in popularity is a pretty clear indication that this is the kind of film people have been waiting for — especially after months of sexual frustration in lockdown from the pandemic.

Thankfully, if y’all are horny for more, there are plenty of other movies with steamy sex scenes to stream on Netflix, Stan, and SBS On Demand, and we’ve selected ten of the best.

Here are some sexy movies to stream after 365 Days:

#1. Duck Butter, Netflix

After years of broken relationships, two women decide to spend 24 uninterrupted hours together having sex. Aside from the frequent sex scenes, the film itself is actually pretty good and stars Search Party’s Alia Shawkat.

#2. Newness, Netflix

Newness stars Nicholas Hoult from Skins and is a story we can all relate to – two millennials looking for love, who meet on a dating app. Eventually they become bored in their relationship and in an attempt to freshen things up, start experimenting with having a threesome.

#3. Nymphomaniac Vol 1 & 2, Stan

This movie is about as close to porn as you’ll get on a mainstream platform. The Lars von Trier movie is a two-part erotic art film and stars Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, and Willem Dafoe. Let me warn you: it’s A LOT.

#4. Below Her Mouth, Netflix

A fashion editor begins an affair with another woman, before her wedding to a man. There are HEAPS of different sex scenes in this movie. Like, it gives 365 Days a run for its money.

#5. Q, Stan

In this French movie, a group of people’s lives are changed by an encounter with a woman named Cècille, who has an intense sexual appetite. Because it’s French, everyone just seems immediately more attractive.

#6. Loving Annabelle, Netflix

This one is fairly tame and a bit of a slow burn. Annabelle is sent to a Roman Catholic school for bad behaviour, and she soon develops a crush on her poetry teacher and they begin a scandalous affair.

#7. God’s Own Country, Netflix

God’s Own Country follows a farmer who gets to finally fulfil his sexual urges when a migrant farmworker arrives. There is one scene in particular that is just so damn hot. Brokeback Mountain, eat your heart out.

#8. Room In Rome, SBS On Demand

This Spanish movie is actually extremely good — and sexy! While on holiday in Rome, two young women meet before sharing an intense night of passion together.

#9. White Girl, Netflix

This movie is pretty dark and follows a New York college freshman addicted to sex and cocaine, who tries to get a drug dealer out of jail. It’s very gritty and grim, so don’t expect any romantic/sensual sex scenes.

#10. Oh, Romana, Netflix

The story follows a geeky teen who becomes obsessed with his aloof classmate, Romana. Not gonna lie, this Romanian movie is very odd. It has these very quirky and comedic moments but also some very steamy scenes.