Underdogs Tayla & Grant Beat Out Power Couple Erin & Eden To Win ‘Love Island’

Grant and Tayla have taken down power couple Eden and Erin to win Love Island Australia. With our angel boy Josh and match Amelia landing in a dignified third place.

It was a close call with both couples proving to be strong competition. While Eden and Erin had been together since day one, Grant and Tayla’s journey has been much rockier, with Grant initially coupled up with Cassidy (RIP).

In the end, Tayla was given the option to keep the prize money for herself, but she instead chose ‘love’ aka avoided national shame/outrage. We spoke to the happy couple following the big announcement and they were buzzed AF to be the public’s fave couple.

“It’s an incredible feeling. Obviously to have that support from Australia is really amazing and it’s been the icing on top of the cake.

But winning wasn’t a priority for us. It was the fact that Australia could see that we did have a true genuine love,” Tayla told Punkee.

When asked what made them stand apart from Erin and Eden, they responded that they were less interested in playing the game and winning the cash prize.

“Yeah I think it hit a point in their [Erin and Eden’s] experience where it was about winning. They invested a lot of effort into that while we couldn’t care less. It wouldn’t have mattered to us either way,” said Tayla.

“We were really tested and I think Australians maybe related to that more. It was true. It was raw.”

Tayla said that the plan for the couple was to both to move to Sydney together and get an apartment. Grant already has plans for his share of the prize money and it is super sweet.

“In terms of what I’m doing with my money, I’m going to give half of it to my mate that is in hospital right now,” Grant said.

“He is recovering from a major accident and I want to help fund his recovery for him and his family.”

The couple both agreed the rest of the money would go towards taking a much needed vacay together. “We hope to go on a holiday with no cameras on us,” Tayla said loling.

Awww! Bless them.

Congrats guys!

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