the bachelor 2020

‘The Bachelor’ Has Dropped Some Brand New Promos Just In Case You’re Not Bachie-Fatigued Yet

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We’ve barely recovered from this week of Bachelor In Paradise and Bachelorette announcements… but wait! There’s more.

The Bachelor has dropped some fresh faces and promos for more girls who will be vying for Locky’s body and heart. We’ve met a few of the ladies already –  most noticeably Rosemary who arrived dressed as a penguin – and now the show has released three more names.

Areeba, Laura, and Nicole are all looking for their shot at love or at least a couple weeks stay in a nice mansion.

Let’s meet the new Bachelor contestants below!

Areeba, 25: likes to be the boss in relationships which is a huge mood, so we already stan.

Laura, 24: likes the more expensive things in life. She dropped a lot of terms I couldn’t be bothered trying to understand but they sounded rich.

Nicole, 26: we don’t get to hear her talk, but she and Locky do a nice little dance number, so there’s that.

The Bachelor is premiering on August 12 on Channel 10.