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Abbie Has Come Out In Defence Of Bella After Last Night’s ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor surprised us all last night when Bella — a contestant originally presumed as the season’s winner — turned on her bestie Irena and called her some less-than-kind names.

Following the episode airing, some fans were quick to label Bella as the new villain and Abbie Chatfield took to her Instagram stories to defend Bella over her being characterised this way. “So here’s your villain from last year talking,” she began.

“My request would be that we don’t use the word “villain” for real humans that aren’t made up characters, that aren’t in comic books or action movies, because do we really need a villain? Do we need to hate someone this much?”

Abbie specified that she hadn’t actually seen the episode but had noticed online that people were changing their views on Bella.”Why are we suddenly all turning on Bella after one episode? I mean I haven’t seen it, I don’t know what the f*ck happened. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter what she did. Unless she killed someone on live television, she isn’t a villain. Please back off. I can imagine her DMs right now,” she said.

the bachelor abbie bella

During her season of The Bachelor, Abbie copped a lot of criticism from viewers, as well as some tabloid publications, and she shared how these experiences affected her. “I mean, the trolling is awful and the trolling that will come from these articles is awful, because now we’re spinning a narrative. We’re encouraging a narrative that someone is the bad guy,” she said. “I have seen a few articles like this, saying ‘she’s shown her true colours.’ Shush. Shut up. No one be mean.”

Abbie then addressed people who post in Facebook groups about the contestants on The Bachelor, who would likely have some opinions on Bella. “You don’t know her. She doesn’t know you or care about you, so stop commenting about her. Newsflash: no one cares about you if you’re a troll.”

As always, let’s remember to be kind to one another and remember it’s just a damn TV show.